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A Fight Against Newly Discovered COVID-19 Virus

A Fight Against Newly Discovered COVID-19 Virus

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Infectious diseases have been affecting people for ages, and now is the time when humanity is facing yet another virus, the COVID-19. Well, this virus is playing havoc to the whole world, and we should educate ourselves for it. The more informed you will be, the chances it will be better to avoid it.

Well, here in this article, we are going to share with you the information about COVID-19, how it started, where it spread, what are its various symptoms, how you can avoid it, the precautionary measures, the frequently asked questions, and much more. In short, this piece of writing will help you understand all about the virus, so try to give it a thorough read.

What exactly is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the common cold, but not as common as we all have during the winters. This acute and at the same time moderate problem with the upper respiratory system can be converted into deadly one if it goes unnoticed and the initial stage is lost without controlling it. Well, here we shall share the scientific information about COVID-19 so that you may know how it looks, where it belongs, how it multiplies, the ability to infect, how can we diagnose it, the control, and much more. Let us get started with the information in detail given below.

1.      Structure and Classification

The structure of COVID-19 is simply spherical and is coated with the single-stranded RNA. It also has the nucleoprotein and glycoproteins of which it is made. According to the classification system of COVID-19, it as belonging to the one in which the crown-shaped or halo-appearing virus is included. Mainly they are of two types which are very common in humans and one of them is very severed while the other one is moderate in its action once it enters the body. Both can be deadly if left ignored and if there are no measures are taken to control it.

2.      Growth and Multiplication

The COVID-19 infection which is the virus enters into the host cells. The host cell is the epithelial cells that get infected very easily. The uncoated genome of COVID-19 is then transcribed and translated into this host cell where all the mess starts. As this establishes into the host cells, the new COVID-19 will start to develop by making the budding from one host cell to another. From cell membrane to another, the virus will grow and multiply, and eventually spread into the whole respiratory tract and lungs.

3.      Pathogenic/ Infection Ability

Well, the nasal mucus is the first place where the COVID-19 infection takes its lead to the human body. Through the droplets in their air, the virus might get into this section of the body and then travel down to the respiratory tract, and alter on enters the lungs. Now as it enters into it, it starts to damage the epithelial tissues, and start the inflammation, the production of mucus also starts at a fast rate which results in blocking of the respiratory tract. This will cause shortness of breath and even the rate may drop t zero which results in death.

4.      Incidence and Outbreak Peaks

During the winter season, the COVID-19 infection outbreaks are common and they reach a very high level as soon as it starts to infect multiple people. It might stay from a few days to months. Also, it is expected that the outbreak of the COVID-19 can be possible after several years again but surely at that time, the vaccination and medication for it would be there in the world. So, that would not be an issue, hopefully. But right now, the protection is very much needed in various ways which we will discuss later in the article in the section below.

5.      Diagnosis and Isolation of Virus

Commonly, COVID-19 infection causes cold, but this cold cannot be referred to as the cold which we usually get in the winter season. It is mild t moderate in nature, but after some days, unlike the common cold, it becomes very severe that it starts to threaten the life of a person infected with it. The diagnosis doe in the laboratory is mostly made on the base of antibodies which is also common for other infections. But this one is done in paired sera. It is very much difficult to isolate the virus once it enters the human body. In recent times, since the outbreak of COVID-19 infection, the nucleic acid hybridization test, also known as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are introduced for the diagnosis.

6.      Control and Treatment

The control of COVID-19 infection is related directly to the symptoms which a person is producing at the stage it is diagnosed. If it is at the initial stage, the control would be different from the one which is at the later stage. There is no specific vaccine that can control it right now, but in a time of almost the next ten months, the scientists and medical experts are fully sure that the solution will be in their hands. Along with this, it is recommended that the hygiene is taken care of and cleanliness is followed, then the COVID-19 infection and its transmission can be avoided. This can be the control before the infection hits a person.

Where exactly COVID-19 started?

Hubei province of China and the city of Wuhan which is located at the center of it is the place where COVID-19 was all started. It is believed that the people in this city used to consume bats directly in their meals, mostly in boiled form. This direct consumption led to its entry into human beings. It was able to infect one person who consumed the bat from the wet market and resulted in spreading it to the people around him. Since that time, in December 2019, this COVID-19 is spreading like a wildfire from one country to another. After China, Italy, Iran, and Spain took the lead, and after that, the USA and the UK are now under its cover. Other than these countries, Pakistan, India, Korea, Japan, Bangladesh, etc are also infected. Overall, 195 countries are undercover, and the situation is still aggravating.

How the COVID-19 spread among humans?

The spread of COVID-19 is believed to be through the bats which carry this virus in their bodies. Through them, it might transfer to other animals before it comes in contact with human beings. Well, now if the bats are consumed as food, as it is done in some parts of the world, or maybe the animals who eat bats are taken as food, the chances of getting this virus become very obvious. Through simple precautions, which you can take to avoid it include the exclusion of such food items from your meals which might carry the COVID-19.

Symptoms of COVID-19 Infection

The symptoms of COVID-19 are very obvious, but it takes time to realize that a person is infected with this virus. Almost about a period of a week is taken when the actual symptoms come into play. Well, here we shall share the most prominent and obvious symptoms of them all so that you may be able to identify it at the initial stage and get the treatment as required.

  1. Respiratory illness is the first symptom which it produces once COVID-19 enters the respiratory tract. It causes mild to moderate illness in which breathing becomes difficult.
  2. Excessive production of mucus becomes common, and that becomes dangerous to a level that breathing goes down to zero and a ventilator is required for this purpose.
  3. Along with shortness of breathing rate, the person infected with COVID-19 also gets a cough which is very severe that again breathing becomes an issue.
  4. Along with this, high temperature and headache are other common symptoms of COVID-19 infection in the human body. They are also moderate to severe in action, so they also play a huge part in the illness and aggravate the health condition.

Who can get COVID-19 infection?

Well, anyone can get infected with COVID-19, but the people who can get affected at most include the older age group people, those infected with some medical problem already, and the children under the age of 10 years.

1.      Older Age Groups

Usually, people having an older age group are most likely to get affected. This is because they do not have the best immune system, and most of the times it is not having the capacity to deal with even minor infections. COVID-19 is a serious one, so they fail to cope up with this virus and lose their lives even. This is why you find the death rate of COVID-19 infection in humans mostly in older age people. These people with older age groups are also on medication for one or the other reason and these medicines have already made their bodies and immune system weak and prone to infections. Now, when they get in touch with such serious viruses like COVID-19, they fail to cope up with it. In most of the cases, they lose their likes in the fight with COVID-19.

2.      Those Having Underlying Medical Problems

People of any age group with any sort of serious medical problem are also likely to get the infection of COVID-19. Most commonly, people having heart-related diseases, issues of hypertension or low blood pressure, some sort of chronic disease of the respiratory system, or people having cancerous cells in their bodies. The reason behind COVID-19 widespread in such people and the high rate of infection is because they are already fighting a disease which has made their immune system very weak. Now, just like kids and people with old age, their bodies have the least ability to fight back the virus, and thus they lose their lives most of the time to get infected by COVID-19.

3.      New Born, and Toddlers

Well, we all know that newborn babies are prone to infections from day one, and till they become toddlers and even at the age of 10 years, they can get infected. That is why they are given vaccinations in this regard. Now as the COVID-19 is very new, and there is no vaccination or medicine for it, therefore the spread is at a huge scale and the kids of this age are very much prone to getting this infection. You have to keep in mind that your kids are not exposed to this infection because in that case they will fail to fight it and the end would be an unfortunate death. 

General Precautionary Measures

Well, precautionary measures for COVID-19 infection are very simple and easy. It does not cost anything to anyone, and that is probably the positive side of this critical time. People with the least resources can also be protected if they keep themselves isolated at home, stop going out unnecessarily, stop shaking hands and greeting with hugs, wearing masks, washing hands for at least 20 seconds, and other simple cleanliness activities. It is not at all difficult to counter this COVID-19 infection, but only if you are aware of it, try your best to stay away from people around you, and the simple measures practice as mentioned above. You will be safe and sound, and that is for sure.

Other than the precautionary measures, you can also use a medicine which is combination of Azitro and Planquenil, named as AzitroPlanquenil. It contains active substances, AZITHROMYCIN and YDROXYCHLOROQUINE, which you can use for 5 to 10 days to fight against corona. The detailed prescription can be given by the physician who is dealing with your case. Overall, the fighting ability of this medicine is currently the best among all other tried for the cause.

Final Thoughts!

COVID-19 is a deadly virus that is infecting millions of people all over the world. This pandemic is the worst of all times because there is no medication and vaccination for it right now. We need to take it seriously, we need to learn more and more about it, and we all need to take precautions even if we are not infected yet. It can infect any person and cause death to an individual of all age groups. Try not to take it lightly, be sure that you are distancing yourself from a social gathering, you are isolating your self and keeping yourself neat and clean all the time. We can fight this virus and come back to normal life very soon.

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