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This drug is an is nothing more than an insulin-like growth factor. In humans, which is formed by any physical work. Also, if we are talking about athletes, who can form after taking anabolic steroids.

MGF or mechanical growth factor is one of the types of insulin growth factor. It is formed in the liver, under the influence of the hormone, which is responsible for growth. Somatropin starts its work in response to heavy loads and tissue damage. The drug increases muscle mass, which is activated due to stem cells. Muscles are of good condition, but the mass is dry. The growth is due to the acceleration of the multiplication of cells and the increase in the volume of muscle cells. The mass decreases, in diseases and aging of the body. This is because of a decrease in the secretion of the natural hormone and the impossibility of using a mechanical factor. The breakdown occurs within 2 to 3 minutes, after the first injection. Injections are necessary for half an hour-hour, to achieve good results. However, in order to enhance the half-life, pegylation, a compound of protein and polyethylene glycol, is used. The human body does not react to this component, thus creating a boundary or barrier to protein and peptide, increasing the period of action.

Pegylation is used for drugs that are exposed to enzymes. PEG is not harmful or toxic, doesn’t affect negatively on the liver. This substance has a flexible structure that performs the protective function of the groups of amino acids. An inert agent does not have a negative effect and does not appear in the body. PEG examined various laboratories and clinics. It was tested and then applied in Russia and the US, as well as many other countries.


Hormonal course

The use of FGM as a therapeutic drug in the first stage was limited due to the substance when it is introduced into the body is destroyed in a few minutes.

In humans, the hormone occurs continuously, so the concentration in the blood to the desired level persists for a very long time. His loss can be detected only in case of serious illness.

Despite the fact that the TPM is still in clinical trials, a large number of athletes in bodybuilding in the West already is widely used this drug to speed up muscle growth.

As a result of the constant search for excellent ways, scientists have identified the optimal dosage during a tour of the drug.

In particular, it was noted that the average dose of bodybuilders with less experience and early in the course of about 100 micrograms. In the future, the more experienced athletes, which can be carried up to 200 micrograms. The frequency of dosage varies with level 2, up to 3 times a week.

Pay attention to one important fact. The dose increased, since very often I would like to make some athletes will not lead to a good result. The drug just will operate within their optimal dose.

The days of training, the drug is administered immediately after training. It is done to simulate the maximum physiological discharge. The body releases the mechanical Natural growth factor in response to tissue micro Danos muscle.

In general, the course has an average of around duration of 5 weeks. In some cases of up to 6 weeks.

At times, some athletes recommend the use of the drug in the so-called mega-doses of up to 1000 mg at a frequency of 3-4 times a week, before the start of the training. However, according to the final results of the tests are rising slightly, what is more, this approach is appropriate to apply.

Hormones views

Athletes who took the medication, keep in mind that even in such optimum doses he managed a significant improvement in the process of muscle growth, burn excess body fat. It achieves a maximum athlete body relief.

Also, there were athletes with a significant increase in physical resistance and vascular growth in muscle and bones. It also strengthens joints and bone mass.

The side effects

The main and most common side effects are itching and redness at the site where the injection was applied.

More rarely one finds this type of phenomena to the bleeding of the nose and fingers tingling.

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