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Bonavar Body Research (2,5 mg/tab) 50 tabs

Product: Bonavar
Manufacturer: Body Research
Quantity: 2,5 mg/tablet
Pack: 50 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Oxandrolone

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Bonavar Body Research (2,5 mg / tab) 50 tabs

The presentation of the Body care Research brand-name drug is Bonvar.

This steroid is popular drug among bodybuilders.

Also referred to as the oxandrolone.

Why is it so appreciated by the athletes?

The drug was invented for the first time in the sixties of the last century. Widespread that it has received not only in sport but also in medicine, which is used to treat and prevent many diseases.


Oxandrolone is a weak steroid, but it has popularity due to its safety. It is quite considered to be the safest of all steroids. It is even thought to be safe to use for children and patients with the heap-toxicity as the result of alternate steroid use. It is famous especially in athletes and bodybuilders that are looking for better results and with the safer so their best choice is oxandrolone. It is the steroid that doesn’t convert to the estrogen so it is the safest steroid to use.

Oxandrolone course and dose

The course is not very different from other classes of anabolic steroids.

In comparison with other steroids that gives great gain physical strength, which of course is crucial for those athletes who do not work as muscle growth, how to increase and improve his physical strength and muscular endurance.

Except that what does not give significant weight gain can be seen among the few downsides of the drug.

The dose also depends on the personal characteristics of the organism and its structure and physiological functions. In any case, it is not very different from many doses of these medications. You can ask further advice from the coach about the dose of steroids.

Pros of using this drug for the athletes and bodybuilder:

  •         Of course, a bodybuilder has limited use for a compound that is both weak androgen in the doses mostly used and doesn’t aromatize since no mentionable effect on mass can be produced to satisfy the chemically enhanced athlete.
  •         Therefore, it is best noted that oxandrolone is most popular with power- and weightlifters to enhance strength without increasing body weight.
  •         This is valued highly since strength athletes often compete in weight classes.
  •         It stimulates the formation of phosphocreatine, a body compound that replenishes ATP, the main energy currency of the living organism.
  •         This gives an incredible increase in short-term anaerobic performance, the type needed for explosive action such as sprinting and weight lifting.
  •         For the bodybuilders, the best results are seen when stacking oxandrolone steroids with the highly androgenic compound.
  •         Either during the mass stack with aromatizable products to boost strength a little more, or in conjunction with a non-estrogenic compound.
  •         This steroid is most beneficial since, it can maintain lean mass, decrease appetite, improve the sharpness of the muscle and keep strength level up without giving increased androgenic risk when stacked with pure androgens.


Oxandrolone side effects

During the action of some components of the drug, can occur in athletes are some side effects. The most frequently observed nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea (diarrhoea), if taken for a long time ago that the load on the liver.

Although, in general, many well known the drug belongs to the relatively safe steroids. It is not only in the power of the body to give it a massive toxic damage, so it is also accepted in silence to newcomers and that much necessary is often used, even as the first anabolic steroid.

Oxandrolone views

As already noted, the drug was very widely in medicine, in which patients for many diseases are treated. Also, if combined with a drug such as stanozolol is possible to achieve a real relief, but not muscle mass too. Also, the beneficial properties of the drug are indispensable in drying speeds and get rid of excess body fat.

It is ideal as the first anabolic.

In order to avoid some of the side effects of the drug, as well as to increase its effectiveness, it is recommended to combine the course taking oxandrolone with drugs such as Sustanon, testosterone, Primobolan.

We must remember that the admission course drugs including combined vysokoandrogennye of dose oxandrolone should not exceed 40 mg per day.

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