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Eurochem StanoJect 50 50mg/1ml [10ml vial]

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Eurochem StanoJect 50 50mg/1ml [10ml vial]

Product: StanoJect 50
Manufacture: Eurochem
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 10 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance:  Stanozolol

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Eurochem StanoJect 50 50mg/1ml [10ml vial]

We present our drug you 50. This anabolic drug is based on stanozolol substance known and tested. There are also separate formulations based on this material. They are well known by almost all bodybuilders under the name Winstrol or Stanozolol.


It promotes the growth and development of the male sex organs as well as maintaining secondary sex characteristics. Higher doses promote muscle mass and strength and increasing the production of erythropoietin and subsequent increase in red blood cell production. In addition, the may cause the growth of facial and body hair, baldness, and increased sex drive and aggression.


Toxicity from anabolic steroids is a result of their androgenic and anabolic processes but they are very useful for the professional players and athletes. This is the best medicine for the athletes to get better results for their better workout and body stamina.


As these substances are often used in a clandestine manner, it is difficult to know how commonly anabolic steroids are used/abused. However, it is known that they have been used by professional athletes, adolescents playing sports, as well as older people for (anti-aging) properties. Acute overdose is extremely rare.

course and dose:

The active principle was published for the first time in the 60-s of the last century. It is widely used in medicine, in particular for the treatment of many diseases. The course of this drug is not particularly different from other classes of anabolic steroids. They share the same length - about 6 weeks, management methods and many other parameters.

Regarding the dose, then is not a decisive factor in the choice of a dose you would serve a physiological state of an athlete, their characteristics, experience, including anabolic steroids admission, age and so on. In any case, it has its doses specially developed, allowing you to receive exactly the amount of drug required to each group of athletes.

On average, taken the most common drug at a dose of approximately 2 mg. Your reception leads to Cape around 3 times to the day. In any case, if you have doubts about the choice of a technique or particular dosage, it is best to consult a doctor and trainer.

Distribution by route of exposure:

The anabolic steroids are highly protein-bound and is carried in plasma by a specific protein called sex-hormone binding protein globulin.

Advantages of using these stanozolol substances:

These anabolic steroids are compounds that increase muscle mass. They include natural androgens such as testosterone as well as synthetic androgens such as stanozolol and nandrolone. They are available in tablets and injections. Athletes get full-body energy from these medications that help them in their strength.

Treatment with stanozolol drug:

Besides the use of athletes, it is also used to treat the aplastic anemia which is or may be responsive to anabolic androgens. They are also used in certain countries to counteract catabolic states, for example after major trauma.

side effects:

Like all other drugs, anabolic steroids have its side effects. Very often occur in the event of incorrect and unreasonable use. To avoid them, it is very important to follow your doctor's recommendation, and not to engage in excessive growth and higher doses.

According to the athletes of the more common side effects, such as decreased libido and erectile dysfunction, loss of hair up to total baldness. If women take medication, then there may be a significant increase in the tone of voice of the hair growth, body.

Also, both men and women can be seen an increase of sugar in the blood and the efficiency of the reduction of cholesterol. When the first symptoms of virilization in women receiving the drug should be discontinued immediately.

During necessary the duration of the course to monitor their health status and in the case of any violations and deviations in his work immediately seek medical attention.

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