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Propiobol, Testosterone Propionate, European Pharmaceutical

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Propiobol, Testosterone Propionate, European Pharmaceutical

Product: Propiobol
European Pharmaceutical
100 mg/ml
10 ml

Steroid cycle:

Active substance:
Testosterone Propionate

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Description:This injectable steroid, with a content of 100 mg per 1 ml of testosterone propionate.

It has a much more rapid time steps up to 3 days of injections required more frequently than other medicines every day or every two days to keep his number in the more stable blood. Rapid withdrawal of an athlete who makes it a favourite among professional athletes. Some athletes claim that this steroid causes many fewer side effects than other esters of this powerful hormone that determines its advantage.

It is the most common anabolic hormone that is considered the most basic right. Improves the mass muscle, the force dramatically increases the libido and the wish sexual in the athletes.

High doses or the course already intended use leads to side effects, as well as individual sensitivity to the drug. Therefore, before the start of the course, it is desirable to do a medical exam, which will help to determine its state of health and, as a result, the dose of the drug. In any case, regardless of your experience and the State will be able to take the drug effectively. All this thanks to its wide range of doses that are appropriate for the beginner and them bodybuilders without experience, as well as the athletes more experienced and professional with much experience and knowledge.

Propofol course and dose:

The dose for a professional athlete is 500 - 1250 mg per week range cycle can vary from 8 to 20 weeks, depending, of course, the objectives of the athlete.

The dose of the drug varied for each organism. Once received the necessary doderzhivatsya diet rich in proteins and fats suitable. Talk to your doctor or read the instructions carefully. You cannot double the dose, even after prolonged use of the same, or more use of course, since it can cause some symptoms.

Propiobol views:

Positive reviews, since the drug is rapidly excreted by the body and does not cause propiobol side effects in this way. It goes well with other drugs. To your time, this allows you to strengthen and ensure the effect of the drug through the propiobol course.

Thanks to the high-quality structure, considered it reasonable today is the drug at the propiobol reception one of the most secure and safe on the market.

For a very decent price, the athlete can get a drug that significantly improves the results of training and corrects them after taking the medication.

Testosterone propionate side effects:

Without prejudice to the dose and the speed of the right drug, side effects will be. The drug is excreted rapidly from the body. Exceptions are the cases of overdose or the use of the drug after the preferred course. Side effects observed, such as acne, rashes, hoarseness and ruggedness in the voices of men and women, the growth of the hair on the body and face, hair loss without explanation, water retention, high blood pressure, toxic effect on the liver and kidneys.

It prefers to use a combination of Clomid, Novladeksa the 3-4 week period to restore the work of the body quickly and efficiently.


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