Turinabol, Methyltestosterone, European Pharmaceutical

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Turinabol, Methyltestosterone, European Pharmaceutical

Product: Turinabol
Manufacture: European Pharmaceutical
Quantity: 10 mg/tab
Pack: 50 tab

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methyltestosterone

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Description: As for the structure, the derivative is an atom of oxygen on carbon digisterona instead the second position. Since it is high anabolic activity is offered, and high androgens. It promotes muscle definition. Agents are acting on the metabolism of proteins in the body, a fast injectable steroid. It improves the nitrogen balance, restores the changes in proteins. Can affect to the increase of the digestion of the proteins in the athletes of the body. Suitable for those who want to gain muscle mass, strength, and weight of the body as a whole.

The functions that give the synthesis of proteins, nitrogen retention and increase the reserves of glycogenolysis. Weight in this case - the net mass of muscles, in that when it received does not fill with water. The effect is not as significant as when taking anabolic steroids, weight growing two times slower, but the result is fixed for a long time.

The effect also translates into an increase of nitrogen concentration and increase the effectiveness in the sport.


Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that’s simply known as tbol. It is also used to treat osteoporosis and other bone-wasting ailments. It means to improve bone mass and density to help encounter the ravages of those diseases. Scientists noted that it offers significant anabolic qualities with minimal androgenic side effects. Estrogenic side effects are also not a problem because it doesn’t aromatize.

The course turinabol and dosage methyltestosterone:

Period of decline in the blood is 36 hours, so it is taken twice a day. It is found in the blood for a week.

A teenager may not be taken. Do not double the dose or taking the medication after the expiration of the course. For women, the dose to 20 mg, since it acts gently on the body, but large doses prohibited because it can cause some side effects. Men from 30 to 50 mg per day. Businesses may increase the dose to 100 mg, Max. The course of 2 months, due to the muscle mass is growing slowly.

When drying, can be used with stanozolol (injections) so that the load on the liver. In any dose combination drugs that is bound to be smaller than that when priee his solos.

The good side of this steroid:

  •         it increases muscle strength and greater strength is a crucial component of improved athletic performance, and strength comes from bigger muscles.
  •         Since Turinabol is similar to Dianabol, it is quite effective as a bulking agent.
  •         Many who have tried it have gained 30 pounds of bulk as a result. Some even enjoyed a 20-pound increase in muscle mass, which is frankly astounding.
  •         It is not just used during the cutting cycle but can also be used during the cutting cycle when you are trying to get rid of the body fat you gained when you are bulked up, while you try to retain the muscles you also got during the bulking phase.
  •         That is because this steroid helps you with your metabolism.
  •         Your body burns up calories much quickly, so during the cutting cycle, your body is much quicker to switch to burning fat cells to fuel your workout exertions.
  •         This makes it a versatile steroid as not all the steroids a be used for both bulking and cutting.

Less alarming side effects:

Athletes also didn’t have the freaky side effects that other athletes endured with other steroids. The improvements are gradual so it doesn’t become too obvious that you are dropping to be stronger.

You don’t get too big too quickly because this burns fat as it helps your body to develop bigger muscles.

So, you don’t gain weight at abnormally fast time.

In other words, it doesn’t seem like you turn into the “incredible hulk” virtually overnight.

Methyltestosterone side effects:

In the majority of cases, there were side effects, but are not subject to these regulations, or taking the medication for more than 2 months, both men and women may appear some side effects. Among them is the fall of hair, the growth of hair on the face and body, the aggression, the increase in hostility, disorders of the gastrointestinal (vomiting, flatulence). Only this toxic effect on the liver, the kidneys, and the cardiovascular system. It can cause skin rashes, acne in the body (in the case of overdose).

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