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Stanol Injection 1ml / 50mg - Body Research

Product: Stanol
Manufacture: Body Research
Quantity: 50 mg/ml
Pack: 1 ml

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Stanozolol

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Body Research 236
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Stanol Injection 1ml / 50mg - Body Research

The advantages central: the growing muscle of high quality. The increase of relief muscle. Increasing muscle hardness. The increase of the resistance and the strength. The burning of large effect. The lack of flavor minimum reduction of testosterone.

Crimsonkratos description

Estañol - 50 mg is a steroid that acts that a substance is a synthetic origin and is a derivative of testosterone. In its effects, as in the majority of similar preparations marked anabolic properties. In principle, is can attribute to the steroid soft, as the probability of effects side of all them drugs of the type of the testosterone, very low, what distinguishes positively from it most of them agents pharmacological similar.

It has proven to be an excellent way to preserve muscle and mass as a drug that works for drying (mainly due to properties that promote fat loss and eliminate excess fluid). It is a popular drug among bodybuilders and people who participate in sports activities, light and heavy.

Stanol course and stanozolol dosage

Upon receiving this drug by itself only likely that increased weight and muscle mass weight gain make up a relatively small performance compared with their peers, such as testosterone or trenbolone enanthate. These pills are not the best for courses of increase in muscle mass (although you can use the "dry weight" actually for a set). Their efficiency is much greater when is used for dense muscle/relief or increase the resistance with force.

However, only one of estañol such improvements won't give. This result is real only when the program of strength training and correctly select the diet, including sports nutrition products.

This is a relatively mild anabolic steroid, so the only course is not usually necessary therapy complicated post-cycle. A severe decrease in the natural production of testosterone is manifested above all in doses of abuse.

The average daily dose stanozolol is 35-75 mg stanols to tablets - 6-15 parts. It should be noted that the treatment is individual to the athlete. The norm for men has considered it is approximately 0,5 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day. The steroid should be taken in two parts - one in the morning and another at night (on the inside, drinking water). Such form of Administration will provide a safe resorption athlete the product chemical active. Matter and will minimize the possibilities of an upset stomach.

Women tablets also can be recommended, but only in doses reduced, due to the risk of virilization-about 10 mg per day.

The stanols course length can be up to 6 weeks (duration and other aspects of the course depend on the experience and the State of the health of the athlete and objectives). Due to the hepatotoxicity of drugs not is advisable take too much time.

The combinations of reception that try to them drug monoaktivnym, i.e., is quite self-sufficient and complete. However, for those who wish to increase the effect of the reaction, it is recommended that in combination with other anabolic and androgenic.

Stanozolol views

Opinions and practices confirm that estañol 50 is combined with trenbolone short or prolonged. Particularly popular with a group of enanthate of trenbolone. This combination of products will save the maximum mass muscle gain on a low-calorie diet (diet, training for competitions, hours of hard training). Also, anabolic that is played well in combination with them drugs injectable nandrolone or testosterone-enanthate of testosterone from short to long-acting decanoate of nandrolone.

Stanozolol effects side of taking

The steroid is almost entirely safe, but the risk of side effects of taking only accompanies higher doses. The only thing that advised to the athletes that take these pills are individual care of the liver, since, similar to many steroids, they have intensified the effect of the same on the body. Also, should watch the function of the joints closely due to the excretion of fluids can experience interruptions in your work standard. Drug dry joints, so you need to take care of him.

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