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Cytomel Hubei 50 mcg


Cytomel Hubei 50 mcg

Product: Cytomel
Manufacturer: Hubei
Quantity: 10 mg/tablet
Pack: 50 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Liothyronine Natrium

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Hubei Cytomel 50 mcg

A drug that contains no steroids. Liothyronine (in the jargon of the athletes "T-3") is used to burn fat. T 3 is a hormone thyroid. T-3 increases the consumption of calories, suppresses the appetite. combine it with clenbuterol reception, you can get a huge effect.

Too often, athletes use it in preparation for a competition, to enter a weight category or eliminating body fat. The great advantage is that it did not begin to receive adjustment of the amount of your diet, you can find a figure relief. Its main advantage is that fat effectively burns and has anti-catabolic effect, rapid action of the blood.

The active chemical acts lioteronina of sodium, which is equivalent in its effect hormone T-3. The product is characterized by high-velocity impact, allowing the athlete in a record time for the relief of muscular peak, not even the use of a low-calorie.

As we know, the metabolic processes of the women, occur more slowly, so it is particularly difficult to get rid of the hated kilos. That's why many tourists cul regularly to this. Although this medication and can cause side effects, which are less dangerous to health than the effects of prolonged exposure to harsh calories.

In the use of the drug observed a greater absorption of nutrients in the mitochondria, which produces ATP, as well as increased levels of oxidation (i.e., the threshold at which "burn" for energy production). The drug improves the action of enzymes and leads to an increase in body temperature, which indicates an increase in the synthesis of ATP.

Optimize metabolic rate, and also accelerate the synthesis of proteins, but without additional intake of anabolic steroids that exhibits properties catabolic. It has also been shown that the drug stimulates the production of growth hormone, and the increase in nitrogen retention.

Mechanism of action:

This steroid is androgenic in nature and the hormones enhance the oxygen consumption by most tissues of the body. It also increases the basal metabolic rate and the metabolism of carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. It is also medically used to treat hypothyroidism and also to treat and prevent goiter. It exerts physiological effects by controlling DNA transcriptional activity and protein synthesis. This effect on the DNA is obtained by binding to the receptor. It increases the metabolism of the tissues.

The course and dose

If it assumes that is by the morning. Cytomel the course should begin with small doses (about 25 mg per day). The increase of the dose not must be more than one time every 3-4 days. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 100 mg per day. Women should not take more than 50 mg per day. The daily dose is divided into one best repeatedly, receipt of the dose required to decrease gradually. He course not must be superior to 6 weeks, after which you need to take a rest (near 2 months).

Do not take the ladies aged 18, and also in the presence of contraindications and individual sensitivity to the drug. It is a very potent hormone, so prior to use, carefully read the instructions and consult your doctor or trainer. The recommendations of the experts must be strictly adhered to and not to exceed the dose.


From the many positive comments, is that its main advantage is that fat effectively burns and has anti-catabolic effect, rapid action of the blood.

Beneficial effects of Cytomel:

  •         Bodybuilders take benefits from the Cytomel as it helps to stimulate their metabolism, which in turn causes the fast conversion of proteins and lipids.
  •         Bodybuilders are mainly interested in increased lipolysis that simply means fat burning.
  •         The competing bodybuilders and athletes use the Cytomel weeks before the competition and championship.
  •         This steroid helps to maintain low levels of fat, without even necessitating any sort of hunger diet.
  •         Cytomel reports through the continuous consumption of steroids because the drug s more effective and faster in showing the results.
  •         Cytomel is the thyroid drug that can be easily used for reducing the excessive flab from one’s body.
  •         When taken on a daily bases, this steroid helps gives a healthier posture to the bodybuilder and athlete.
  •         This thyroid hormone is referred to as a metabolic regulator of the body.
  •         Cytomel is also popular among the female bodybuilders as it causes no harm to them when taken carefully as prescribed to them.
  •         It is often the last thing incorporated into the pre-contest diet because it has a reputation for shredded body fat or the sticky fat as called in bodybuilding.

The side effects

Before the drug, according to the rules and doses, side effects do not occur. Exceeding the recommended dose of the drug can lead to hypothyroidism. In addition, there may be a weakness, palpitations, tremors, sweating, sugar in the urine, the inner anxiety. Overuse also can be "dissolved" and muscle cells, so parallel to the reception of the drug should be significantly enhanced and intake of proteins (approximately 2, 5-3 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight). Some athletes, because of the risk of losing muscle, an increase of the dose of anabolic steroids.

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