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T3 Cytomel Uni-Pharma 30tabs/25mcg

Product: T3 Cytomel
Manufacturer: Uni-Pharma
Quantity: 25 mcg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Liothyronine Sodium

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T3 Cytomel Uni-Pharma 30tabs / 25mcg

The drug, whose main active compound of liothyronine. T3 Cytomel-a drug that is a hormone thyroid. Not is less popular among the bodybuilders that those steroids. It is used both by men and women to increase metabolic rate. Although the drug is synthetic, the processes causing in humans occur are the same and the formulation of thyroid hormone. The main function of the hormone - fat burning. Therefore, on the eve of the competition, the athletes participate actively Cytomel weight loss. Is important in this case is not exaggerating. Also during the drying process.

Liothyronine course and hormone dose

Begin to take the pill must be with the dose lower. For starters, 25 micrograms will converge towards 25 mcg, for athletes with experience -. Also, every 4-5 days and it doses increases with the time arrives at 100 micrograms per day. After half of the hormones course, there is a gradual reduction in dose. For a better assimilation and normal tolerance of hormones have taken medication in three doses per day. Not is can double the dose, used after the course hormone. The same applies to women, pregnant women, mothers, infants and in particular up to 18 years.

Before taking hormones you should consult your physician. To avoid effects side and manifestations of reactions allergic not are desirable.

Hormones views

The drug is very effective for the burning of the body fat. Used to speed up the metabolism. For a reasonable price you can buy the drug, and to achieve good results in the short term.

Possible hormones side effects

The use of the drug within a specified time, in order to not exceed the dose, is not accompanied by side effects. However, many bodybuilders noted some weakness that is produced when will take Cytomel. Most often at the start of the hormonal course, there are palpitations, discomfort in the area of the thyroid and the location of a handshake. However, a year and a half or two weeks, everything is normalized. The result is the use of the hormone of the loss of the mass fat of to 10 kg during 5-6 weeks. The period of acceptance should toggle is a period of rest of not less than two months. Of it otherwise, the failed athlete can develop in the gland thyroid.

For the women, the risk of virilization, even at hormone doses relatively low. The injection of athletes is not recommended since it can cause disorders such as raising the tone of voice, abnormal sexual activity, the distribution of body and facial hair and inherent virilization another.

The drug is not recommended for persons with disabilities in the work of the endocrine complex, as well as those who have serious failures and pathologies in the cardiovascular system, suffered a tumor disease or kidney failure.

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