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Oxandrolone Tablets Genesis (10 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Product: Oxandrolone Tablets
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 10 mg/tab
Pack: 100 tabs

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Oxandrolone

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Genesis 25
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Oxandrolone Tablets Genesis  (10 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Oxandrolone Tablets - is an oral steroid, which enjoys great popularity in big sports, including bodybuilding. The main effect of the steroid is aimed at improving the quality of muscle mass (muscle relief and increased hardness). Also, the drug can burn the extra fat (helps to reduce body fat), improve endurance and strength.

Structurally, a synthetic steroid, wherein the ring A is substituted with cycle getoro second carbon atom by an oxygen atom. Remarkable drug action and expressed relative safety: on the lower level of androgenic steroid activity in the region of 25% of testosterone, and the high rate of anabolic activity - 400% of testosterone.



This drug is not commonly used or rarely used in clinical medicine. In the past, it was used for the treatment of the individual who has a variety of eight losses in HIV, animal patients and was once tried out as the treatment for osteoporosis. However, to cease the production of the drug, the widespread abuse of this drug led Searle in 1989. Today, this drug is made by different pharmaceutical companies under the brand name of oxadrin. This drug is useful in different treatments like it treats moribund patients to gain weight after trauma, burns or having serious infections. Sometimes it is used to treat bone pain in cancer patients when it combined with corticosteroids.



There are a few conditions where this drug should not be used. This includes patients having


  • Prostate cancer.
  • During pregnancy.
  • Breast cancer.
  • Hypocalcemia or allergy to anabolic steroids.

This drug is favored by women because it has minimal virilizing effects at a low dose. However, if the dose is more than 5 mg in a day and if the duration of treatment is greater than 6 weeks, signs of masculinization will become evident. The weight gain by this product is low and very gradual, mostly in 2 to 4 weeks after using it. This is not such harmful, but one should use this after the recommendation by your doctor.


Signs of virilization include the following which has written below:

  • It includes Excessive hair growth.
  • It decreases libido.
  • It can cause acne.
  • Clitoral enlargement.
  • Deep voice.


Oxandrolone description

Anabolic steroid oxandrolone developed in the mid-20th century, in 1964 in the United States. For the creation of responsible farm. Searle Laboratories company. Then tablets were produced under the tradename Anavar.

Almost immediately after its opening, the active ingredient of modern Oxandrolone Tablets by Genesis hit the market of sports pharmacology (formerly steroids as well as the origin of pharmacological steroids like was developed for use in medicine). At that time, the mid-60s of the 20th century, the tablets of high demand, in fact as well as today. In sports that were not good, but is firmly rooted not fit positions until today.

Today oxandrolone tablets, as a topical preparation of oxandrolone, and decided to advise beginners and experienced athletes looking to significantly increase energy tariffs without gaining weight, so as not to get into a heavyweight class. This approach to drug use is justified, but it is not entirely correct. Since it is known that, in combination with other anabolic agents, these tablets can increase muscle mass and volume of solution.

Oxandrolone effects

• Qualitative improvement of muscle (increase muscle density and relief);
• The effect of fat burning (the drug helps reduce body fat);
• Increased power efficiency and performance of the athlete.

It is important that the drug is one Oxandrolone Tablets oral steroids, is not converted into estrogen. That is, a drug refers to a group of nonaromatizable pharmacological agents, and therefore, its application does not result in gynecomastia and fluid retention in the body of the athlete.

It should also be noted that taking Oxandrolone Tablets women is relatively safe. Only in rare cases (bias) in athletes effects of virilization (violation of sexual activity, the accelerated growth of body hair, increased voice, etc.) occur. However, only a small dose (20-40 mg daily) is advised to take women to protect themselves against risks.

What is an advantage because it is deposited Tablets Oxandrolone Genesis, or rather its simplicity. To remain valid for steroid use, keep it closed enough away from sunlight at room temperature. Also, make sure that the storage of pills available for moisture.

Oxandrolone cycle

Take this medicine only impractical muscle growth. After the course is mainly recommended for athletes with enough weight, but want to improve the quality of muscles and increase strength gains.
If you do not know how to take oxandrolone tablets, we recommend: steroids are effective for use in combination and theory can be combined with almost any other equivalent. Exceptions include steroids only hepatotoxic, reception of which exacerbate the adverse effects on the human liver.

Oxandrolone as taking

Beginners should start with the use of a dose of 20 mg per day to determine individual tolerance. Share doses should be 2-3 hours during the day (e.g., 10 mg in the morning eat, eat 10 mg in the evening). Consequently, if the medication is working well-tolerated dose can be gradually increased to the recommended amount excellent response. It not recommended at recommended doses (40-50, possibly up to 80 mg per day), and excess steroid action in the direction of displacement of the side effects. Excessive doses only allowed for experienced professionals.

After a course of treatment with oxandrolone tablets should start TPC (post cycle therapy), especially if carried out a combined course. It may be based on tamoxifen or clomiphene citrate. This anti-estrogen drugs, contributing to the standardization of production of the hormone testosterone.

The combined use of the steroid is a much more complex issue. The options are many combinations of drugs, but you have to choose a particular combination that will ensure maximum results and at the same time be safe. The best combinations are considered packages nandrolone, stanozolol injection, testosterone esters, and not only. As an athlete needs oxandrolone can combine almost any other anabolic steroid.

When combined with the use of steroids Oxandrolone Tablets dosage should not exceed 40 to 50 mg per day. Otherwise, any, even the most innocuous combination, can have adverse effects on your body.

Oxandrolone customer reviews

Visiting specific resources, and then you can run through the athletes, praising the quality of the drug. This is not surprising, as its active ingredient was synthesized almost half a century ago and in that time has become one of the most popular bodybuilding and other sports steroids.

Most critical of Genesis Oxandrolone Tablets are positive. Understandably, such anabolic not without reason considered one of the most efficient in its class, improving the appearance of muscles (relief) and strength. Also, as an immediate statement on the network medium safer to have a comparable impact hard to find. Side effects of this drug are shown in some cases and if the athlete disobeyed recommendations and doses used for too long, too frequent or excessive for themselves.

In the safety of steroids and shows a broad range of application. After the drug was originally intended not for sport, but for medicine.

Moreover, they say the critics, oxandrolone tablets - is not only a good anabolic steroid for men but also an excellent remedy for women who want to get rid of fat and get fit.

Do not forget that the drug can be effectively used alone and in combination. Tablets Oxandrolone's comments show that in conjunction with other drugs Anabolic steroids can "wonders," increasing yield strength, improve the quality of muscles and muscle mass.

If you are looking for "colleagues in the shop" views of sports pharmacology, we recommend visiting our resources. So, go to the forum, it will not be difficult to find views on preparations interest because talking on our sites have the right to any registered user. For beginners, the opinion of the most experienced athletes and coaches as experts in bodybuilding will be particularly useful.


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