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Primabolan LA Pharma 30 tabs (25mg/tab)

Product: Primabolan
Manufacture: LA Pharma
Quantity: 25 mg/tablet
Pack: 30 tablets

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Methenolone Enanthate, Primobolan

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Primabolan LA Pharma 30 tabs (25mg/tab)

Primabolan Tablets is an oral steroid made by LA Pharma, its active substance is Methenolone Acetate.

Primabolan Tablets is an almost pure anabolic with an extremely low androgenic component. The ratio of the anabolic to the androgenic effect is indeed very favorable but, since the overall anabolic effect is only moderately strong, Primabolan Tablets have only a limited effect in building up muscle mass and strength. With this steroid neither fast weight gains nor explosive strength gains occur. It is therefore mostly taken over a prolonged period since it gives only a slow but also a high-quality muscle gain which mostly remains after use of the compound is discontinued. Methenolone Acetate is an excellent oral steroid drug. Unlike most other orals, it is not 17-alkylated and does not have liver toxicity problems.

An effective daily dose observed in athletes is in the range of 50 - 150 mg. A bodybuilder weighing 100 kg should therefore take 200-300 mg daily which would correspond to a dosage of eight to twelve 25 mg tablets per day. It is belived that this dosage is too high, however, this example shows that a fairly large dosage of the oral acetate form is necessary. The reason is that the Primabolan Tablets is not I 7-alpha alky-lated and, during the first pass in the liver, a large part of the substance is destroyed and thus deactivated leaving only a much smaller quantity of the substance to get into the blood.

If Primabolan Tablets is the only steroid that is taken, then with respect to strength and muscle buildup, it will usually lead to success in women and steroid novices. This, however, changes greatly when it is combined with steroids that are moderately too highly androgenic but which themselves do not aromatize or retain water. In such an environment the anabolic effect of Primabolan Tablets can develop to its optimum. Masteron, Parabolan, Equipoise, and Winstrol, are particularly suitable. The effect can be optimized by the additional intake of Oxandrolone. Steroid novices and the less advanced achieve a good strength and muscle gain by taking 50- 100 mg of Primabolan Tablets per day and 150 mg Winstrol Depot per week, without retaining water. Even competing athletes report good quality gains with continuously "harder" muscles when taking 150 mg of Primabolan Tablets per day and 50 mg Winstrol Depot every two days, as well as 76 mg of Parabolan every two days.

The main uses of the Primabolan Tablets, however, are in the preparation for a competition and in use by women. Since the acetate form does not aromatize into estrogens and does not cause water retention, the use of Primabolan Tablets during competitions is widespread. Acetate tablets are special in that they actively help burn fat. The Primobolan Tablets tablets, however, must never be taken as the only steroid during a diet since, due to its extremely low androgenic effect, significant losses in muscle and strength can occur and there is a risk of overtraining. The above mentioned common steroid combinations are extremely effective when combined with a suitable diet during the preparation for a competition.

Mechanism of action of Primobolan:

This drug is a synthetic androgen and anabolic steroid and it is an agonist of the androgen receptor (AR), the biological target of androgens, for example, testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has a moderate anabolic effect and weak androgenic effects. And the important benefit of this steroid is that it does not convert into the estrogen and has o risk of liver damage.

It is also important to note that although the androgenic component of Primabolan Tablets is low, side effects are still possible. One may therefore notice oily skin, acne and facial/body hair growth during treatment. Men with a predisposition for hair loss may also find it exacerbates this condition, and wish to avoid this item. While always possible, side effects rarely reach a point where they interfere with the progress of cycle. Methenolone Acetate is clearly one of the milder and safer oral steroids in production. Female athletes, older or more sensitive individuals and steroid beginners will no doubt find this a comfortable steroid to experiment with.

Pros of the Primobolan (methenolone acetate):

  •         Primobolan is essential for the bodybuilding community ad is impossible to ignore.
  •         It gives a large range of benefits for the athletes and bodybuilders; it is used for the muscle-wasting conditions.
  •         Medically it is used for the treatment of underweight children.
  •         If you want to bulk up and build up the muscles, Primobolan is the one you are looking for.
  •         It is the steroid used between the cutting cycles and it gradually burns the fats while preserving the muscle in the body.
  •         It has been designated to bind with the androgen receptors in the athlete’s body, here is where it assists the fat loss. In return, it gives you a lean and dryer look.
  •         Primobolan also helps to preserve the energy levels when you are dieting down on low calories.
  •         Another good point of this steroid is that it promotes nitrogen retention within the body.
  •         As nitrogen is good for muscle growth and maintenance.
  •         Primobolan works as anti-catabolic, which basically means that you avoid muscle destruction.
  •         So, without any delay, you should buy this amazing item and take advantage as soon as possible.
  •         This is the easiest way to get this from us within a reasonable range of money.

Dosage: Oral Primabolan Tablets LA Pharma

For women, dosage should not in my opinion exceed 30 - 40 mg perday, and even this may cause irreversible virilization problems. If a woman must try steroids, 5 mg of methenolone acetate twice per day would be a reasonable starting point, if modest results are acceptable.

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