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Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology - 30iu

Brand/Manufacturer : Anhui Anke Biotechnology - China
Active Substance : Somatropin
Drug Class : Human Growth Hormones

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Humanotrope Anhui Anke Biotechnology - 30iu

Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection buy cheap who can be this drug enhances growth hormone levels in the blood, the growth of muscle tissue in the body, increased burning of fat reserves (effective drying), the strengthening of connective tissues in the body. A significant increase in power, increase the prominence of muscles, enhance immunity, has anti-inflammatory effect, protects the liver against various negative factors, improve the cardiovascular system, increasing bone mineralization, helps to strengthen the joint connection. Energizes the connective tissue of the body as a whole.

When applying Humanotrope 30 buy cheap which can be to achieve the full anabolic effect, you need to include in the course other drugs to complement it by other means. Most of the body need thyroid hormones, androgens (e.g. Testosterone enanthate) and insulin (which has a positive effect on the growth of muscle tissue).

Biochemical working of that supplement

As the active ingredient of that supplement is sildenafil citrate and this substance is involved in the increased production of the growth hormone. The growth hormone is involved in the increase in the production of the nitric oxide and this nitric oxide is involved in the regulation of corpus cavernosum activity by binding with them into the penis. Steps of its working are given below:

1.       First of all the nitric oxide produced as the result of the sildenafil activity in the corpus cavernosum of the penis binds with the guanylate cyclase receptors into the penis.

2.       This binding results in an increase in the cGMP level into the penis, this increased no of the cyclic guanosine monophosphate results into the promotion of the vasodilation of helicine arteries of the intimal cushions.

3.       Vasodilation into the intimal cushion part of the penis allows the increased blood flow into the penis spongy tissues.

4.       Thus, at that time this inflow of blood results the erectile tissue to expand and cause the erection. Suldenafil is also involved in the decrease or we can say act as the inhibitor of the cGMP- specific phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This enzyme basically is involved in the degradation of the cGMP in the corpus cavernosum. Once the cGMP level depleted the helicine arteries intimal cushions are not able to allow more blood flow into the penis. Biochemically this supplement is just involved in the increased your sexual pleasure time and has not any harmful side effects as it leaves the body in 2-3 hours duration.

The course and dosage

The drug does not accumulate in the tissues of the body and blood, so he must put every day. Injections are made intramuscularly, subcutaneously (never intravenously do), it promotes long-term effect of the hormone in the human body. The exact dosage is still there, everything is done individually under the expected result and the data of the athlete. The recommended dose of 4 to 8 units of the drug per day.

Not recommended for pregnant, breast-feeding, people who are already taking some medications before planning your pregnancy, when taking any dietary supplements. With the presence of contraindications and individual sensitivity to the drug components.

Before taking you need to consult a doctor to avoid negative effects such as allergies and side effects. It is necessary to begin with small doses to see the reaction of the organism to the drug. In the absence of side effects can increase the rate to working. It is also necessary to adhere to a full diet, which is rich in proteins and high in calories.


Judging from the frequent positive reviews about the product on forums, we can say that it has won its place in the market. Provides effective action for a long time (up to 3 days), quickly cleared by the body, blood found up to 6 weeks. Heavily used by athletes before competitions. Helps an increase in libido, relief of muscle and mass growth, stamina and strength. Combines very well with other drugs, steroids for greater impact.

Side effects

When using Humanotrope 30 i.u. China Injection buy at a low price which can be, in necessary doses does not cause side effects. but in some cases, there were frequent invitations to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands, acne, as well in reducing libido which for receiving is increased), water retention in the body. As fever, rash, redness and swelling at the injection site, swelling of the mouth, lips, tongue. Itching, heavy breathing, compression of chest.

If not reasonable the drug can acne, rashes on the body, revitalization of the work of sebaceous glands, dizziness, insomnia, reduction of testosterone in the body. Like other medicines, it is toxic to the liver and kidneys.

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