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Methyltestosterone Tablets Genesis (25 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Product: Methyltestosterone Tablets
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 25 mg/tab
Pack: 100 tabs

Steroid cycle: cutting

Active substance: Methyltestosterone

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Genesis 27
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Methyltestosterone Tablets Genesis (25 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Methyltestosterone - it is synthetic testosterone, which is produced in the form of tablets of the Polish pharmaceutical company.

In the markets of different countries often is under many names, such as Androral, Malogen, Oreton...


This drug belongs to the category of Anabolic Androgenic Steroids. Due to its composition, is not destroyed when it passes through the human liver, i.e., that has a very strong formula.

The main effect of the drug is aimed at increasing levels of free testosterone, increased aggressiveness and training motivation, improvement of the electrical properties of an organism, a significant increase in muscle mass.

In endogenous testosterone and methyltestosterone many similarities in terms of their actions in humans.

The drug can be combined successfully with many other popular anabolic steroids. It is very often combined with trenbolone, nandrolone, Turinabol.

The combination of moderate doses of the drug to little aromatizing steroids under androgen may reduce the risk of side effects, while maintaining at the same time the results.

The drug is contraindicated in women completely. Its reception recommended only adult men who have been subjected to a medical examination and have health problems.


It is believed that the optimal dose of the drug is that it is 50 to 60 mg per day. This is the case of the use of the drug in the single course.

In the case of a combination with any other anabolic steroid, the dose should be reduced to half and be 25-30 mg per day.

It is also recommended to take the medication at the same time early this morning. This is done mainly to reduce the maximum adverse human liver.

In the case of unforeseen adverse effects or symptoms, you must consult a health professional and undergo a medical examination.

The side effects

A lot of negative comments about the drug can be found on the network. They are connected first of all with its negative side effects.

In high doses, the drug can cause degradation of the Leydig cells, to reduce the fertility of an ejaculate.

Reduce the risk of side effects that can be achieved by receiving chorionic gonadotropin. And to make the last necessary in very large doses - an average of 3-4 injections every 4 days.

At the end of your income at the start of the reception of clomiphene citrate. Reception takes place within no more than 3 weeks.


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