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Mesviron 25 Genesis (25 mg/tab) 100 tabs

Product: Mesviron 25
Manufacture: Genesis
Quantity: 25 mg/ tablet
Pack: 100 tablets

Steroid cycle: cutting, antiestrogens & PCT

Active substance: Mesterolone

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Genesis 28
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Mesviron 25 Genesis (25 mg/tab) 100 tabs

This medicine belongs to the Group of synthetic anabolic steroids, weak and strong androgenic activity.

In bodybuilding, the drug won the fame of steroidal anti-estrogen.

The active ingredient of the drug is a Mesterolone steroids. It is a strong and a weak anabolic androgen.

Description and uses:

This is manufactured by genesis is an oral version of an active substance named Mesterolone, which is being sold under a brand name like proviron. The main and the basic purpose Is to encourage testosterone production therefore, it can be used in the treatment of male infertility, the problematic onset of puberty and impotence. Its mechanism is to promote the production of FSH and LH that ultimately leads to elevated production of testosterone.

This drug is categorized as an androgenic and anabolic steroid medication and a derivative of dihydrotestosterone or DHT. This medication is typically and widely used by bodybuilders and athletes to have an extraordinary upsurge in muscle rigidity or stiffness harden its mechanism, growth, and rigidity. This drug is well-suited for the cutting phase due to its anti-estrogenic properties. It also binds to 70% of the sex hormone-binding globulin, sets testosterone free in the bloodstream as well as avoids its suppression.

Medical uses:

  • It is used in the treatment of androgen deficiency in male anemia, hypogonadism and supports male fertility among other indications.
  • It is also used to treat the delayed puberty in boys.
  • It is indicated for treating cases of androgen deficiency because it lacks estrogenic effects.
  • Includes breast tenderness or gynecomastia.
  • It is rarely used for the purpose of androgen replacement therapy, still widely used in medicines.
  • The dosage of this medicine should not exceed 50 to 100 mg 2 to 3 times per day.




The drug has a very useful feature, i.e. the amount of testosterone produced can be increased, as well as prevent their suppression during the course of receiving other anabolic steroids.

Effect of the drug can also increase the effect of other steroids in the human body.

Effects of the drug also lead to muscle growth and increase its rigidity.

But the most important effect for the athletes is still anti-estrogenic properties. Therefore, the drug prevents many of the side effects of anabolic steroids.

The course of the drug is approximately 12 weeks. In general, the drug begins from the second year of a week of treatment with other anabolic steroids. Ending rate in the last week.

It should be remembered that the course, as well as the dose depends on the course of treatment with other steroids.

The most common drug is combined with tamoxifen. This combination enables you to avoid many of the side effects.


The dose of the drug recommended for beginners is of 25 mg. It is exactly a tablet.

More experienced athletes can take medication in doses above - 50 or even 100 mg per day.

In combination with tamoxifen, the last dose should be 10-20 mg.

The side effects

The drug is very safe. Its impact on the human body is characterized by mild to moderate effect. However, since the drug belongs to a group of very strong androgen, in the case of excessive doses of drugs or of course, you may experience side effects such as excessive growth of body hair, nausea, vomiting.

Women taking the drug may have symptoms of virilization. Such a voice phenomena can also be observed significant, strong growth of intensive hair of coarse grain in the body and the face, and so on.


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