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Product: Methandienone 10mg/1tab. (100tabs.)

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 10 mg/tab

Pack: 100 tab

Active substance: Methandrostenolone

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Methandienone 10mg:

Methandrostenolone is a derivative of testosterone, modified so that the hormone's androgenic (masculinizing) properties are reduced and its anabolic (tissue building) properties preserved. Having a lower level of relative androgenicity than testosterone, methandrostenolone is classified as an "anabolic" steroid, although quite a distinct androgenic side is still present. This drug was designed, and is principally sold, as an oral medication, although it can also be found in a number of injectable veterinary solutions. Dianabol is today, and has historically been, the most commonly used oral anabolic/androgenic steroid for performance-enhancing purposes.


10mg/tab. (100tabs.)

Chemical names:

17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-l,4-androstadien-3-one l-Dehydro- 17a-methyltestosterone

Side effects:

Methandrostenolone is aromatized by the body, and is a moderately estrogenic steroid. Gynecomastia is often a concern during treatment, and may present itself quite early into a cycle (particularly when higher doses are used). At the same time water retention can become a problem, causing a notable loss of muscle definition as both subcutaneous water retention and fat levels build. Although classified as an anabolic steroid,androgenic side effects are still common with this substance. This may include bouts of oily skin, acne, and body/facial hair growth. Anabolic/androgenic steroids may also aggravate male pattern hair loss. C17alpha alkylated anabolic/androgenic steroids can be hepatotoxic. Prolonged or high exposure may result in liver damage.


Studies have shown that taking an oral anabolic steroid with food may decrease its bioavailability. This is caused by the fat-soluble nature of steroid hormones, which can allow some of the drug to dissolve with undigested dietary fat, reducing its absorption from the gastrointestinal tract. For maximum utilization, oral forms of stanozolol should be taken on an empty stomach.
For physique or performance-enhancing purposes, the drug is also used intermittently, with cycles usually lasting between 6 and 8 weeks in length followed by 6-8 weeks off. Although a low dose of 5 mg daily may be effective for improving performance, athletes typically take much higher amounts. A daily dosage of 15-30 mg is most common, and typically produces very dramatic results.

Pharmacology related to that product

  1.      Pharmacokinetics

The effects related to that product depend upon its binding with the methandienone. The main effects related to that product include the increased level of protein synthesis, glycogenolysis, and increased muscle strength in a very short life span. In the presence of 5alpha-reductases methandienone could be metabolized into the methyl-1-testosterone which is a more potent form of the amino acid. The drug form of that amino acid has a very low affinity for that enzyme thus very small amount of methyl-1-testosterone is formed. This product is commonly used in men. In the case of females or the child, it may lead to imbalanced hormone and severe reactions.

Aromatase is an enzyme that is involved in the metabolism of the methandienone and converts it into estrogen ethinylestradiol. Its rate of aromatization is reduced related to that of the testosterone. The estrogen produced in that way is resistance to metabolism thus the methandienone is involved in the balanced amount and activity related to estrogen.

  1.      Bioavailability of that product if the administration route id oral is very high. Its affinity for the human sex hormone is very low. If we comparatively check it with testosterone binding then it's binding with the sex hormone is 8% then the testosterone. Metabolism of that production occurs in the liver by the action of various enzymes. If we talk about the half-life of that product then it is very low. Its elimination half-life is 3-6 hours and it is eliminated into the urine.



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