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DIAZEPAM - 20x - 5mg

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DIAZEPAM - 20x - 5mg

Manufacturer: SVKFARM
Quantity: 5 mg/tablet
Pack: 20 tablets

Steroid cycle: Sleeping pills

Active substance: Diazepam

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Diazepam belongs to a group of substances called benzodiazepine. Diazepam is used for anxiety, stress, fear and unrest, but always only with the cause of these conditions is transient and is pre-clear that the administration will not need more than 4-5 weeks. Furthermore, it is used in epileptic convulsions and to prevent their occurrence, to reduce muscle tension, for the treatment of withdrawal syndrome in alcoholics, at the beginning of hospitalization and within preoperative preparation.

Mechanism of action related to that product

Benzodiazepine affects the activity of the GABA type A receptors, after binding it regulates its activity and has positive allosteric modulatory effects. The major neurotransmitter into the brain named GABA regulates the activity of the GABAA receptors which are basically the ligand-gated chloride selected ion channels. When the benzodiazepine binds with those GABAA receptors, its binding promotes the binding ability of the GABA which in turn increases the influx of the chloride ions and thus is involved in the enhanced neuronal activity. The amount of chloride ion increases inside the cell membrane then it gets hyperpolarized which results in the increased difference in resting and threshold potential which increases the rate of activity.

The effect of that product is been seen in the areas of bran includes thalamus, hypothalamus and this product is also known for its anxiolytic effects.

This product is also of much importance as it is involved in the relaxation of the muscles, the process involved in the muscle relaxation includes the polysynaptic pathway and the place of its action is the spinal cord.

This product has the binding ability with that of the voltage-dependent sodium ion channels so it is also involved in the anticonvulsant activities. As this product affects the activity of the sodium channels the recovery of the normal condition of these channels is very slow and delayed. The use of that product should be in a limited amount and must not exceed the amount prescribed by the doctor otherwise user will face many serious consequences as that product is directly involved in the physiology of the body.


Anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and other psychiatric problems: It is given 5-30 mg per day, divided doses. It is suitable to start treatment at 5 mg a day, if necessary, complement of 2 mg in the morning and at noon. If necessary, a daily dose can be increased to 30 mg.
Insomnia associated with anxiety: 5 to 15 mg administered at bedtime.
Muscle spasms of various origins: administered 5-15 mg daily in divided doses.
As a complement in the treatment of epilepsy: 2-60 mg daily in divided doses.
Withdrawal syndrome in alcoholics, delirium tremens 5-20 mg every 2-4 hours (with decreasing doses for treatment of symptoms).
Children from 3 years
Given as 0.12-0.6 mg / kg per day.

Tablets are taken at regular time intervals, before or with food and swallowed with plenty of water. The tablet should not be chewed.

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