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Product name: IGF-1 DES 1MG - MAGNUS

Substance: Peptide

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceutical

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Magnus 3531
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IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is much stronger:

IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals (1-3) is a truncated variant of the conventional one of the IGF1 DESPeptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals with a so-called tri-peptide structure. It has been specifically isolated, so that it can exert its effect in certain types of tissue. Due to the altered structure, IGF1 DES Peptide MagnusPharmaceuticals (1-3) peptide affects the hypertrophy and proliferation of so-called satellite cells in the muscle tissue and other tissues ten times as much as IGF-1. In addition, it is to be significantly more metabolic, ie more fat-burning, than conventional IGF-1.

IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals Effect:

The effect of IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals (1-3) is four times faster than that of conventional IGF-1, with the fat-burning effects also lasting three to five times longer than that of conventional IGF-1. This is due to the fact that IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals (1-3) is located in the target tissue at a higher concentration than IGF-1. Originally, IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals (1-3) was produced for severe inflammation and intestinal disorders, as it specifically strengthens intestinal tissue. In addition, IGF1 DESPeptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals (1-3), like other forms of IGF-1, is used in the treatment of catabolic effects in general or by certain diseases.

It has also been shown that IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals (1-3), compared to IGF-1, has one to three times greater effects on the growth of tissue, predominantly muscle tissue. Wound healing is also greatly accelerated.

IGF-1 DES has many properties of growth hormone HGH. Studies have even shown that IGF1 DES Peptide MagnusPharmaceuticals not only promotes the new formation of muscle cells, as in HGH, but also the division of new and existing cells, which is also called hyperplasia, and leads to the growth of the divided cells and new ones Muscle mass forms. As a result, the muscular density is radically increased, which can also be seen in some top bodybuilders, as they are lighter compared to many others, but they look 15Kg heavier due to the impact.

IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals mix and store:

IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals is supplied as a freeze-dried powder in the glass vial. This still does not have to be cooled. To your IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals with 1mg of active substance add 2ml parenteral water to the vial. Now you have 2ml with 1.000mcg of active ingredient. 1ml with 500mg of active substance = 0.1ml with 50mg of active substance. The final peptide is injected with insulin injections. The now ready-to-use IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals active ingredient (liquid) can now be stored in the refrigerator for weeks as described on the packaging.

IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals Stacks and Combination:

Can be used as the IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals only peptide cure / cycle

Considered relevant is the injection of testosterone enanthate, testosterone cypionate, testosterone propionate, sustanon 250 for a stable effect

It is frequently added to HGH as the modes of action of the substances can mutually increase

Is often combined with MGF since this peptide enhances the effect of IGF1 LR3 and also causes local muscle growth.

To reduce fat: Combine with HGH fragment 176, CJC-1295 DAC

Cycle for muscle building: combine with GHRP 2, GHRP 6, CJC-1295 DAC, MGF

The optimal IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals Cycle time: 40 to 50 days

For rejuvenating effect combine with: GHRP 2, GHRP 6, Ipamorelin, CJC-1295 DAC


IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals Possible side effects:

As with all peptides, here again, we can say that nothing exact about the side effects can be said and the listed things are gained from experience values.

Transient water retention subcutaneous – low by IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals

a headache – low by IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Joint pain – low by IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals

hungry tacks – low by IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals

aching – low by IGF1 DES Peptide Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Medical uses related to that product

This product is involved in many medical processes few of them are mentioned below:

  •         The most important effect of using that product is that it is involved in the production of the body muscle mass.
  •         It also involved in the regulation of the transcription of the genes.
  •         This product is also involved in the DNA dependent biosynthetic processes like biosynthesis of chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan,
  •         Processes involved in the metabolism of glycolate
  •         Processes involved in the development of the exocrine pancreases
  •         Body water homeostasis
  •         Involved in the glucose molecule regulation into the body as it is involved in the transport of the glucose into the body cells.
  •         Involved in the regulation of the  proliferation of the fibroblast into the body
  •         Involved in the biosynthetic processes proteoglycan
  •         This product is also involved in the positive regulation of the proteins import into the nucleus of the cell.
  •         This is also involved in the regulation of the PI 3-kinase cascade
  •         This product also regulates the apoptosis processes into the body
  •         Signaling pathway of the insulin-like growth factor is regulated by this product
  •         This product is involved in glycogen biosynthesis as it also promotes the release of the fat from the adipose tissues for meeting the energy demand of the body.
  •         Positively regulate the lean muscle growth by does not allow the glucose to enter into these cells thus enhance the fat metabolism for the energy synthesis.
  •         Lean muscles development

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