Product name: Selank 5mg
Substance: Peptide - psyche
Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Selank - 5mg Magnus

SLANK – characterized by increased temporary impact, thanks to its advanced composition, based on seven amino acids. Eliminated to side effects, like dizziness, insomnia and lethargy, and no withdrawal syndrome. The drug is designed to improve focus, memory, getting rid of feelings of anxiety and irritability, as well as to accelerate adaptation to the new conditions.

SLANK – harm

Scientists have not identified any side effects even after repeated increase of dose, the drug is designed for people who require a quick response, precision of movement, as SELANK improves memory and mental activity. In addition it should be noted that the drug finds and recovers objects in the body, essential for healthy living.

Selank - what is it for?

- stress
- the restoration of normal sleep
- resistance to depression
- increased efficiency and improved concentration
- memory improvement

Selank recommended:

Students of schools and Universities, especially during sessions.
- People who are active in sports.
- People who every day are faced with emotional instability at work or on duty, for example, in the armed forces.
- Categories of citizens who find it hard to control a conflict situation. Unstable mental state, excessive physical activity, can greatly undermine human health. Which, in turn, can lead to diseases such as: stroke, hypertension, neurasthenia, diabetes, and others. To avoid the sad result, there are drugs such as SELANK produced in the body biologically active compound taking a significant part in the processes of sleep, immunity and the regulation of metabolism. And, of course, significantly increases the ability to remember information and training.

SELANK contraindications for use:

Allergy and intolerance to this agent.
- Pregnancy
- Lactation

SELANK method of application:

The duration of the course application for 10 to 14 days. The course may be repeated after one to two weeks. 1 mg a day ( breaking into 2-3 doses ) is the recommended daily dose.

Pharmacology related to that product:

This product synthetically is the analog of the tuftsin the immunomodulatory peptide. The effects related to that product are very vast. This product is involved in the expression modulation of the interleukin-6 and is also involved in balancing of the T helper cells cytokines. This product is involved in the induction of serotonin metabolism and shows the apparent influence on the concentration of the monoamine neurotransmitters. Selank's study on rats has shown that this product is involved in the increase in the brain-derived neurotrophic factor into its hippocampus. This product and other products having such peptides have inhibitory effects for the enzymes which are involved in the degradation of the enkephalins as well as other endogenous regulatory peptides. This product is involved in the antidepressant effects.

Selank has antidepressants and acts as an antistress drug which is involving to overcome the fear and is involved in relieving the aggression reaction.  This product also improved the immunomodulatory activity of the body and is also involved in the improvement of the memory and learning process. Many clinical studies have shown that on lower doses the effects of the selling are similar to that of the tranquilizers but the side effects can be avoided as in case of tranquilizer the user's face.

The spectrum of the selank and benzodiazepine has shown the similarities. After observing the effects related to these products and this spectral description it is thought that both these products have a similar pattern of behavior. It is thought that their mechanism of action matches as the benzodiazepine is involved in the inhibitory action of the GABA and the same selank is involved in the modulation of the GABAA receptors.

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