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Product: Super Vikalis VX Tadapox
Manufacturer: Shree Venkatesh
Quantity: 80 mg/tablet
Pack: 10 tablets

Steroid cycle: Sexual health

Active substance: Tadalafil, Dapoxetine

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A medicine that incorporates the substance active in the mg of dapoxetine tadalafil 20 and 60 mg in a dose of 1 tablet. Is used to eliminate the forms serious of the dysfunction erectile and the ejaculation early.

Designed to increase the flow blood in the penis during the stimulation sexual. That to his time contributes to an erection as its maintenance. Promotes the relaxation muscle and the flow blood local. Is designed to eliminate the dysfunction erectile (impotence) as problems of the hypertrophy prostate (enlargement of the prostate). Also is used in the treatment of the hypertension blood and improve the tolerance to the exercise for them men and the women. To understand how works this medication, you should understand as an erection. When the men of sexual stimulation through the nervous system of the erectile tissue of the penis releases nitric oxide. This stimulation of oxide nitric contributes to the enzyme, that at his time creates a monophosphate of Guanosine cyclic.

This leads to the relaxation of the cells muscle smooth. As a result, there is an expansion of the arteries of the penis, blood flows more quickly. I.e., the tissue erectile in the process is full of blood. This facilitates the erection. Contributes to the levels of support of drugs and the monophosphate of Guanosine in the cells muscle smooth.

However, if a person not is excited sexually mental, the brain not going to contribute to the liberation of oxide nitric, and that will be a factor that goes to stop the release and the increase of monophosphate of Guanosine.

It tadalafil course and it dose dapoxetine:

Take 30-60 minutes before the activity sexual. For the intake daily of suitable only when is consumed each day to the same time.

Would recommend start with 40 mg (tablets half) if the effect not is manifested dose can increase is to 80 mg for a time.

This medication is taken once a day, mainly. You should read carefully the instructions, as well as refer to a medical. To ensure stable resorption, while taking the medication with meals and washed down with copious amounts of water, which will help to prevent intestinal disorders. You can take without food, but make are from drinking water. Not be can bend the dose or take the medication after the course. The duration of action of this drug not is more than 36 hours. Do not take the young, since the drug reduces the growth of woven bone. Not recommended for women pregnant, mothers breastfeeding, so before the conception. Just at the same time taking several medications, or if there are contraindications of individual sensitivity to the drug. To solve directly the dysfunction erectile should take is just before the activity sexual, but not more than one time to the day.

Tadalafil user reviews:

This drug is very high quality and effective. Is ideal for all the categories of the athletes. Also be used by people that not are involved in the sport, but have problems with the erection.

Is perfectly combined with other drugs, anabolic, so the courses combined not are uncommon. In turn, that allow to improve even more the results of taking this medication. Very long life useful of the drug, and the more high level of security is the main advantages of taking this medication.

Tadalafil effects side:

The main effects side of this medication are pain of head, dizziness, allergies (secretion nasal, redness of the face whole). Possible weakness. If directly during sexual activity, feel vertigo, nausea, pain and numbness and sharp pain in the chest, arm, neck, consult your doctor. This can indicate the presence of the sensitivity individual to the drug, can be an effect secondary grave. Is impossible of break, divide the pill that is taken only as an all. Not take the drug while is taking drugs for the treatment of the hypertension arterial pulmonary. Subject to the rules of the dose and application for the course does not cause side effects. Is important comply with the dose individual, since its excess can lead to the destruction of the liver.

All worth it penalty try the drug, and to win experience, that will be after take a medical you prescribed the medication.

Precautions necessary while using that product:

Whenever you are thinking about starting that drug just go and consult with the doctor and tell about all your medical history especially if you are allergic to that drug or any other thing. This product contains many inactive ingredients and maybe you are allergic to these ingredients so consulting the doctor is beneficial. 

When you do to visit your doctor tell him about your all medical records

  •         Like if you have any heart-related diseases like if you have a heart attack in the last 6 months or you have breathing problems etc.
  •         If the user has faced any stroke in the last 6 months then must mention while you visit your doctor
  •         In case of any kidney-related diseases must consult your doctor about this
  •         Liver disease
  •         Blood pressure related issues
  •         Eye problems
  •         Dizziness is one of the most prominent effects related to that product so the user must not take marijuana or any other alcoholic drug so the combined effects will be very high
  •         Before starting that product tell your doctor about any medication you are taking maybe both of these drugs are not effective while taking in combination
  •         Before going for the surgery the user must tell his doctor about the use of that product
  •         For the females who want to take that medicine but they fed their baby must go and consult their doctor so maybe this drug passes from the breast milk and have damaging effects on for baby.

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