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Insulin syringes 50x

Product: Insulin syringes 50x, 100I.U. 

1ml 30Gx12 with needle

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Insulin syringes 50x, 100I.U. 

- Rectangular shape War
- Secure grip
- Contrast and abrasion-resistant
- The handy plunger stopper
- Double sealing ring
- Dosing even very small amounts of insulin
- For slow filling and injection
- Safe stop piston
- Smooth filling up to maximum volume
- PVC free

Sizes available of insulin syringes:

Smallest syringe available into the market is used for the injection of the insulin into the body. The lines which are used to measures the insulin into the syringe can be clearly seen on these syringes. Whenever someone selecting the syringe size they must thought the amount need to administer into the body syringes of different sizes are available.


Latex: all variants insulin syringes are made of latex-free materials.

The plunger stopper: prevents slipping of the piston of the syringe barrel and thus the loss of the drug.

Accurate and safe dosing of large, clearly legible scale allows for safe dosage. Thanks to completely clear the body of the syringe can easily detect the presence of any air bubbles.

Thanks to specially hardened and polished triple silicone-coated needle almost feel a prick.

The needle does not lose its sharpness even after repeated doses, punctures less painful.

Guaranteed sterility: the protective covers on the ends of the syringe ensure sterility.

Parts of the insulin syringes

There are three parts of the insulin syringes includes the needle, barrel, and plunger. If I explain these tree parts structures then

  •         The first and the most important part of the syringe is needle because this is the only part that enters into the body of the user, this is small and narrow and for the easiness of its passage through the skin it has silicon covering. There is a plastic made cape which is used to cover the needle before it is used.
  •         The second and the important component is the barrel which contains the insulin which has to be injected into the body the barrel is almost transparent so the insulin filling could be checked. The barrel contends the marks to checks the filling.
  •         The last part of the insulin syringe is the plunger which is used to create the vacuumed space inside the barrel which the intern sucks the insulin is to it. The plunger has a rubber seal on its edge so that no leakage of air occurs at this place. The rubber seal is matched with the marks to check the exact measures of the insulin.



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