Alcohol Pads B. Braun

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Alcohol Pads B. Braun

Alcohol Pads B.Braun - 100 pieces

B.Braun Konzern Medical (GER)

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Alcohol Pads B. Braun - 100 pieces

Skin cleansing - Disinfection


  •   Single-use alcoholic wipes for skin cleansing
  •   Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol
  •   Size of unfolded wipes:  30 x 65 mm


  •   Ready-to-use
  •   Individually packed in hermetically sealed foil pouches
  •   Absorbant, lint-free wipes

Preparation of the alcoholic pads:

There are a lot of microorganisms in our surrounding which are very harmful to our body and could cause serious infections if enters into the body. One way is the use of soap to kill the bacteria or microorganisms from the surface of the body or use the pads soaked in alcohol is best to remove the microorganisms from the surface on which we want to use injection so that the body remains prevented from the infection. There are many different types of alcohol available on the market.

The mechanism involves the killing of the bacteria:

Mostly the alcohols used for the socking purpose of the pads have strong antibacterial properties like isopropyl alcohol. The amount of alcohol present into the pads is very selective as the amount of the alcohol used is more than the required amount then it could be of no use or will be not effective so the amount used must be according to the demand. Mostly 30% water containing alcohols are used for this purpose and this mixture is considered best for the antibacterial activity of the pads. The alcoholic solutions cause itching when coming in contact with your sensitive skin areas but have the ability to remove any bacteria or another infective microorganism to kill.

The most important use of the alcohol pads in the medical field is the cleaning of the skin before the use of injection so that any infection-causing b=microorganism doesn’t enter into the body. These pads or such products are easy to carry into the bags for use in case of an accident.

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