Piracetam AL 1200

Brand name: Piracetam AL1200, Nootropil, Pirabene

Daily dose average: 2400 mg - 5000 mg

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Piracetam - AL1200 

Piracetam is the original substance in which effects have been described
Are called nootropic. It is actually a cyclic derivative of GABA (a neurotransmitter with a suppressive effect) that easily penetrates into the CNS but does not change the level of GABA in the brain. It has an antihypoxic effect, ie improves oxygen supply, increases glucose metabolism in the brain, increases blood flow to the brain, both spasmolytic effect and blood viscosity reduction. It penetrates rapidly into the brain, it is not metabolized and eliminates unchanged urine. The mechanical effect consists in activating the bioenergetic metabolism of the nerve cell. By increasing the glucose utilization, the synthesis of ATP and ADP and hence the energy potential of the nerve cell is increased. At the same time, the biosynthesis of RNA, proteins and lipids is activated.

Causes activation in the CNS in higher associative areas,

Where information is processed and programmed behavior. It is not demonstrable
Influence on reticular formation, neither on the limbic system nor on the sensory
Perception or neurovegetative system. He does not have anticholinergics either
Dopaminergic effects. Its toxicity is very low, almost zero (10 g piracetam / 1 kg live weight of laboratory animals did not cause any signs of poisoning). In the 1990 research, scientists focused on synaptic neurotransmission, but did not find any agonist or antagonistic effect on biogenic amine receptors, thus distinguishing piracetam from most of the psychotropic substances currently used to support rapid lifestyle (antidepressants, stimulants, anxiolytics).
An interesting case of blocking the nootropic effect of piracetam was found in 1992 in research into the interaction of steroids and nootropics. The Mondadori researcher has shown that too high or low corticosteroid levels can block the positive memory effect of piracetam in laboratory animals. The fact that elevated levels of cortisol occur occasionally with Alzheimer's disease may explain consistent results in various clinical studies of the treatment of this disease with piracetam.

Since piracetam nootropics, in turn, cause neuronal electrical abrasion, the overall effect of substances with similar effects is increased simultaneously. This may amplify the positive effect of nootropics, but may occasionally cause the "nootropic overdose effect", especially
In the case of people sensitive to caffeine, for example. This increased sensitivity may be due to magnesium deficiency (Mg), which acts as a regulator of sensitivity to excitement. Therefore, the magnesium intake should minimize the effect of overcooling. A number of animal and human studies have shown the synergistic effect of the combination of piracetam and choline

It is indicated especially in the following cases:

Symptoms of cerebral insufficiency after insufficient brain tissue damage
Oxygenation, withdrawal syndromes, post vascular events.
To increase resistance to anoxia and accelerate recovery of anoxic functions.
Reduce extrapyramidal syndrome in neuroleptics, increase immunity
Nerve cells by improving metabolism. Use in brain treatment
Organic primary psychosyndrome (primary degenerative dementia, dementia at
Underlying multiple infarctions).

Treatment of brain disorders in the elderly with the following symptoms:

Lack of stimuli (inactivity)
Lack of concentration
Memory failure
Annoyance and emotional lability

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Mechanism of action related to that product:

The mechanism of action related to that product is not fully understood. The administration of that product leads to the enhancement of the vascular as well as cognitive functions of the body with this product do not influence the normal body activity and do not have any sedative or vascular functioning. The effects related to that product revels that this product is a positive allosteric modulator of the AMPA receptors. Its action related to these receptors is very week and this action surely does not mediate ant clinical effects. This product basically is involved in the increase in neuronal excitability. This product is not effective on the GABA brain metabolism as well as on the GABA receptors.

This product is involved in many mechanisms of actions few of them are mentioned below:

  •         This product is involved in the improved activity of the neurotransmitters acetylcholine by using the receptors involved in the maintenance of the memory processes like muscarinic cholinergic receptors.
  •         This product is also involved in the regulation of receptors involved in the memory processes as well as in learning like NMDA receptors.
  •         This product is also involved in the increase in permeability of the plasma membrane.
  •         Piracetam also affects the activity of the brain neurotransmitters by affecting the activity of the ion channels.
  •         This product also increases the oxygen consumption into the brain especially for the production of the ATP and in the brain of the rat increased adenylate kinase activity id observed.

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