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Intensive Cutting Cycle

Best cutting cycle Nandrolone Phenylpropionate(NPP) + Oxandrolone and Clenbuterol

This cycle is used both by men and women, due to the fact that is the safest and the softest. If you care about your health, but your results are not getting better, then it makes sense to resort to the help of Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, Oxandrolone, and Clenbuterol cycle. Do not take these steroids as negative and harmful. In fact, they are used by a lot of men and women who are engaged in active sports.

Nandrolone, at the beginning of the cycle, will give you an increase of quality muscles that will be cut by Oxandrolone and Clenbuterol stack. Why did we choose NPP? Quite simply, unlike testosterone, it has almost no side effects on the body and blends harmoniously with the rest components of the cycle. Other beneficial effects of this drug are: strengthening the bones (previously used to treat osteoporosis) and ligaments (stimulates collagen synthesis), eliminating joint pain, due to increased production of synovial fluid (joint lubricant), increased blood red cell, resulting in the improvement of oxygen transport (as a result - more stamina). Increased immune protection (applies even in people with AIDS), conversion to estradiol without the enzyme aromatase, amino acids improve the absorbability of the intestines and other nutrients.

The use of auxiliary drugs will only help to improve your physical capabilities and will make any workout easier. However, you should know that the increase in physical capacity is not the main purpose of these drugs because they are able to help adjust your body shape.

Although, with proper nutrition, it is not always possible to lose extra weight and tighten up the muscle tone. Today, more and more young people choose quick ways to obtain the desired results. Admission of Oxandrolone and Clenbuterol cycle promotes muscle tightening, you will feel how your muscles will become thick and stiff, and with the daily dosage, you can adjust muscle mass gain.


Use of Oxandrolone is very predictable and in this case, you can easily understand what to expect at the output. The product is perfect for women and men, but dosages are very different. Oxandrolone acts on the body very slowly and gently, making your muscles strong and sturdy. In the initial stages of the reception, there is a good increase in strength and stamina, and in the next few days, you can notice some muscle growth.

Increasing the daily dosage of Clenbuterol and Oxandrolone will only lead to the multiplication of all the results, but the minimum dose of 20 mg is enough for women. Side effects do not occur during the entire use of this steroid. You should note that the muscle growth is carried out without water retention, as a result you will get lean and cut body.

Admission of Clenbuterol goes by the classical scheme, which is really productive. This drug is not an anabolic steroid but it is widely used by athletes and all those who have already been able to assess its advantages. Not every fat burner is capable of making the muscles elastic and firm. This irreplaceable effect is present only in Clenbuterol, because when taking a normal fat burner, you also get a great muscle tone. It is well observed when during hard workouts, even after the first warm-up sets, the muscles get already firm and bulky. Athletes take Clenbuterol to cut and maintain muscle mass.


The result after a cycle in women can be seen very quickly, because the female body reacts to drugs much more effectively. First of all, the removal of excess water and gradual fat burning. This process helps to make the body visually athletic and slim. Do not forget about regular strength workouts, after all, you should make some effort. Muscle growth can be adjusted by building strength exercises and dosage of the drug. Do not count on huge muscle growth, everything happens gradually and progressively.

The result after NPP, Oxandrolone and Clenbuterol cycle is almost the same but in most cases the final direction changes to increased muscle growth. This happens due to the fact that at a certain stage of fat burning, you understand that you should increase the muscles. This is typical of many men and by rebuilding the training for mass gain and increasing the daily dosage, we get a pronounced musculature. Despite the fact that the proposed cycle can be considered expensive, it can make your body grade in just few months, without side effect and undesired consequences

Medical uses related to the drugs involved in the cutting cycle

These products are of great importance but few of their important medical used are mentioned below:

  •         The above-mentioned products are of much importance among the users and are used for the treatments of medical conditions like osteoporosis.
  •         FDA has approved the use of the oxandrolone for the treatment of the bone pain
  •         Its use is also prescribed for the treatment of the weight gain as well as for the recovery from the physical trauma.
  •         Involved in the recovery of the weight loss
  •         In 2016 this oxandrolone was used for the quick recovery for severe burns. This product is important for the recovery from the burns on a short term basis.
  •         Nandrolone is the best one used for the treatment of breast cancer in females and for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis.
  •         Nandrolone has a very low level of androgenic effects and sues to this reason this product has many reduced androgenic effects.
  •         This product is effective when its use is for the increased anabolic effects.
  •         This product is medically very important as this is also used in the treatment of prostate cancer, scalp hair loss related to hair loss.
  •         This product is of much importance among the medical field as above have mentioned but including these effects, these products are beneficial for the rapid and better growth of the body muscle shape and the proper muscle shape and building of the muscles.

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