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Anadrol and Sustanon cycle is a very good option of strong steroids combination, for a quick muscle mass and strength increase. This cycle includes two popular and powerful anabolic steroids which have always been considered very effective. These are two drugs that have a great history because they are widely used since the 60s. Many famous bodybuilders could not do their cycles without Anadrol and Sustanon. 

These two steroids are strictly focused on the quick muscle mass and strength increase. Definitely, they have some aromatization and androgenic properties but without these indicators, it is hard to grow muscles quickly. If you have a goal to gain about 10 kg or more in a month, then be sure to consider the use strong and effective steroids Anadrol and Sustanon 250.

This cycle is designed for an average amateur athlete; dosage is selected in such a way that you can protect your body from possible side effects. You should remember that the use of excessively high doses does not always lead to a greater muscle growth and increased strength, often such experiments can lead to adverse effects. 


  •   Intense muscle growth;
  •   Notable increase in power performance;
  •   Quick recovery and regeneration of muscle tissue;
  •   Troubleshooting problems with joints, improvement of their work;
  •   Catabolic process suppression;
  •   Increase of red blood cells (hematopoiesis);
  •   Increased libido (sexual activity);
  •   Increased appetite.

These are the basic indicators that are present in this cycle, they provide a constant increase of your results. If you are having real troubles with gaining weight or muscle mass, then this option would be the best to achieve the desired result.


The correct use of Anadrol and Sustanon is not that hard because calculations are made for an average athlete, so it's simple. The cycle lasts for 8 weeks, as the normal duration of administration of these steroids is considered to be 4 - 8 weeks, we choose max 8 weeks, for the best result.

Anadrol is included in a cycle in the amount of 50 tablets. Beginning of any oral cycle is best done with a minimal dose so that your body is able to gradually get used to the selected steroid. So we take Anadrol for 7 days by 0.5 tabs. every day, before meals or after, preferably during the day. After a week of reception, we increase the dosage and take 1 tablets every day for 6 weeks. Daily intake is desirable to be separated, one tablet in the morning and the second in the afternoon, don’t take them both at once. On the eighth and final week, Anadrol is taken by 0.5 tabs. for 7 days, to decrease dose by the end of the cycle.

Sustanon – 250 in this cycle is offered in a volume of 15 ampoules(or 2 vials 10mg each), 1 ampoule contains 250 mg of substance. The drug is administered strictly intramuscularly. The average dosage is 500 mg per week, or 2 ampoules (twice a week). It is the best to inject twice a week, choose any two days, Monday - Thursday or Tuesday - Friday. For 7 weeks inject Sustanon in selected days. If you have a workout that day, then it is desirable to inject an hour and a half before the training. On ordinary days, it is advisable to inject throughout the day.

During the cycle we recommend to use Letrozole, it's an anti-estrogen drug for preventing a possible effect of gynecomastia. Take 1 tab every other day from the second week of the cycle to avoid gyno.

After the cycle you need a quick recovery of the body. Remember that you are buying strong and effective steroids, and that’s why PCT is required. The proposed cycle includes Clomid 25 tab and Tamoxifen 25 tab., It will help your body to restore testosterone production quickly and improve the retention of the results. Take it after the cycle for at least 3 weeks by 1 tab. everyday.

* Tamoxifen, and Clomid are PCT cycle. Included in the package.

**Please do your research on cycles. We are not liable for any issues you may have and we cannot provide you further assistance with how to properly run the cycle.

***Please note that we can change some products to other brand product that we have in stock and dosage unit of single tablet can be variating

Routine during the intake of the drug

  •         While using that product for the best results one should take care of the food intake. The normal intake of the proteins is 3grams per kg of the body. While using that product including the best food one should take care of the exercise routine six-day on and one day off, 90 minutes per day and the exercise should be of high intensity. After the completion of the course, the routine must be 3 days on and one day off of exercise total 60 minutes per day.
  •         Evening primrose oil, as well as cod liver oil, is used during the intake of the Anadrol, Sustanon and Deca Durabolin for the assistance of the liver and kidney.
  •         The intake of water should be more than 3 gallons per day and eat a lot especially protein-containing components like beef.
  •         Females are normally not recommended this cycle due to its high androgenic properties.
  •         Like other androgenic drugs, the user may feel a few side effects relate to that product which is not much worse if the intake is according to the prescription. Slight side effects include the acne, bloating in the area of the upper abdomen, in some cases the cholesterol level increases into the body and sometimes insomnia occurs.
  •         The basic purpose of using that product is to enhance the sensitivity of the androgen receptor. After sometime when all the receptors get saturated the more the anabolic properties and less will be the androgenic effects.

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