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Steroid cycle: Bulking cycle
Steroid Profile: Nandrolone phenylpropionate

Quantity: 25 mg/amp. (5 amp.)

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Superanabolon is a popular injectable anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is used in bodybuilding for its active substance, nandrolone phenylpropionate, which is able to provide growth of muscles of very high quality. In medicine, Superanabolon is used for treating breast cancer, osteoporosis, burns or infections.

Superanabolon is used above all in the bulking cycles; nevertheless, some bodybuilders use it in contest preparation, as well. The product guarantees the growth of muscles of extremely high quality, which remain stable and do not disappear even after the end of the cycle. What is more, Superanabolon has quite a fast mechanism of action in the body. It means that the athlete does not have to wait for the results for a long time. However, there is one condition, which has to be suited for the right effects of Superanabolon – the athlete has to take a higher amount of proteins during the use of the product.

It is recommended to stack Superanabolon with testosterone. This combination will maximize the effects and will also prevent some of the side effects.

Superanabolon Dosage

The maximal weekly dosage for men should not be higher than 300 mg. The dose should be taken in two or three parts. The safe amount for women is considerably lower.

Main features related to the product

If we talk about the structure of that product then the chemical structure of that product is almost similar to that of the Deca-Durabolin, this product can be considered as the other form of the nandrolone or more correctly we can say that superanabolon is simply nandrolone with short ester structure attached to it. Few features related to the product are mention below:

·        The administration of that product is frequent due to the shorter half-life (mostly one injection after every 3 days).

·        If we comparatively check the peaks of nandrolone levels in the blood, the peak obtained by the use of the Durabolin is obtained sooner as compared to that of the Deca Durabolin.

·        The anabolic effects related to that of the superanaboline are very extensive as compared to the androgenic effects that are the main reason that this product is preferred who is willing to get the best results without the side effects related to that of the androgen.

·        Superanabolon use increases collagen synthesis and also has beneficial effects on the connective tissues as this product is also involved in the anti-inflammatory processes.

·        This product is also involved in the increase in the number of androgenic receptors.

·        This product is also involved in the reduction of the fat layers from the subcutaneous side of the body.

·        When the user in taking higher doses of the drug then the effects which are obtained will be very pronounced.

·        In comparison to the other products, this product is not involved in water retention.

Side Effects of Superanabolon

Although Suparanabolon does not usually have very unpleasant side effects, more sensible individuals may experience some troubles caused by the use of the product. There is a slight risk of Gynecomastia. In any case, testosterone should be taken simultaneously to Superanabolon, because the product reduces the natural production of the male hormone.

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