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Aicar - 50 mg

Aicar - 50 mg

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AICAR (Haykaram) is a new extra-stimulant of physical performance that produces excellent results in increasing physical resistance at long non-stop loads. Strong stimulation of metabolic processes in AICAR enormously improves performance - up to an incredible 50% compared to conventional endurance performance!

Due to the immense effect of increasing performance, AICAR has become very popular among athletes as a phenomenal endurance stimulant. Another valuable and unique feature of this substance is that AICAR helps maintain and maintain physical form even without regular physical strain.

Initially, peptide research was ordered by armed forces. Scientists have been tasked with finding an effective way to increase the resistance of soldiers in extreme conditions. Even AICAR was not an exception in this respect. Peptides have become very popular and popular all over the world for their exceptional properties and effects.
Useful properties of AICAR:
AICAR can boost performance and persistence by up to 50% by stimulating metabolism!
AICAR can support and maintain physical form even without regular physical strain
AICAR has anti-catabolic effects - it effectively protects the muscle from decay
Dosage AICAR:
The first opportunity to use AICAR is to use it to deliver top performance and to maintain maximum endurance during exercise (eg during races or competitions). It is then optimal for athletes to take AICAR 100 mg before, and if necessary (to maintain or restore peak AICAR performance), he may repeat the dose again (at several intervals throughout the day but always at first, When the activity and action of AICAR is no longer evident).
The second option is to take 50-100 mg AICAR 3-4 per week, the duration of the treatment is 30 days.
The third option is to use AICAR to maintain physical fitness and muscle mass even after an athlete has stopped actively training. For this purpose, an optimal dose of 15-20 mg AICAR per day (depending on the amount of muscle) appears to be 30 days. After a 1-2-month break, the cure may be repeated, but not more than 3 treatments per year.

Mechanism of action

Acadesine is the nucleoside form of the AICAR and is an analog to the adenosine which acts as the nucleoside kinase and the adenosine deaminase when it enters into the cardiac cells. This product is involved in the treatment of the myocardial ischemia; in this condition thus the product is involved in the increase in the synthesis of the nucleotides and the increase in the synthesis of the adenosine. In the myocytes cells, this product is involved into the activation of the AMPK as this is involved into the phosphorylation of the acadesine and changes it into AICAR which in return activates the AMPK. This product is able to increase the adenosine level and ATP levels into the body as they are able to enter into the de novo synthesis pathway and are involved into the inhibition of the adenosine domination.

Medical uses:

  •         The precondition of the ischemia is followed by the myocardial infarction. AICAR is involved in the initiation of the anti-inflammatory activity by increasing the production of nitric oxide.
  •          When the intake of the AICAR is before the 24 hours of the reperfusion this product prevents post-ischemic leukocyte-endothelial interaction simply by increasing the amount of the nitric oxide into the body.
  •         The preconditioning related to the use of AICAR also depends upon the potassium channels which are ATP dependant and the mechanisms which depend upon the heme oxygenase enzymes.
  •         ROS species are involved in the prevention of the inflammation as these are involved in the decrease in the calcium ions load.

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