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This cycle consists of:

  • Anapolon(Anadrol) 50 tabs
  • Deca-Durabolin 10 amp (or 1 vial)
  • Testosterone Cypionate 10ml vial
  • Tamoxifen(Nolvadex) 25 tabs
  • Clomid 25 tabs

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Anapolon is often used by experienced athletes, or the power lifter. It is important for them to get great strength and build solid muscle in short term. Practice shows that such people often have trouble with joint pain when performing heavy physical exercise, that’s why choosing this steroid, you can be sure that this trouble won’t bother you during the whole cycle. Such needs arise mainly in preparation for major competitions. But even if you're amateur and you want to buy an Anapolon cycle for yourself, then be ready for good results.


Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone) has a relatively low chance of side effects. As a result of low androgenic activity, side effects such as acne, alopecia, hair growth hardly occur. Nevertheless, they are possible, like when using any steroid, but in the case of Nandrolone they occur only when exceeding the recommended doses. Also, the drug has a very low level of conversion (without aromatase) into estrogen, as studies have shown, 5 times less than testosterone. The highest level of conversion is in the liver, while the main place where the transformation happens (adipose tissue) is unavailable for this process. Because of this, Deca Durabolin has no side effects associated with estrogens (gynecomastia, water retention). 

Estrogenic activity of the drug occurs only at very high doses. 
The above properties explain why Deca Durabolin is one of the most popular anabolic steroids nowadays, including men who want to grow lean muscles. Also, Nandrolone has virtually no rollback phenomenon.Testosterone Cypionate is one of the longest testosterone esters available today. Its half-life in the body is approximately 15-16 days. The drug is available only in the form of


Testosterone Cypionate is one of the longest testosterone esters available today. Its half-life in the body is approximately 15-16 days. The drug is available only in the form of oily solution. Because it operates for such a long period of time, it can cause more water retention than other anabolic steroids. Most often, it is used in combined bulking cycles.
In the body, Testosterone Cypionate acts as natural testosterone hormone – male hormone, which is responsible for many characteristics. It causes deepening of the voice, sex drive, aggression and muscle growth. Testosterone operates through anabolic receptors, causing the muscle to retain more nitrogen, which, in turn, creates muscle proteins.

As every injectable form of testosterone, Cypionate causes a significant increase in muscle mass and strength during a cycle, and is perfect for combination with Nandrolone.

Tamoxifen and Clomid are PCT cycle. Included in the package.

**Please do your research on cycles. We are not liable for any issues you may have and we cannot provide you further assistance with how to properly run the cycle.

***Please note that we can change some products to other brand product that we have in stock


  •         This product is found in the market in injectable form and is found under its brand name Depo- testosterone.
  •         This product only comes in the form of injectable solutions and the administration route of these injections are the muscles using injections.
  •         The user could also inject that solution by him or her after the doctor's approval.
  •         The most important use of that product is in the treatment of hypogonadism in the male’s body. hypogonadism is the condition in which the male body is not producing the normal amount of sex hormones.

Warnings related to the product:

  •         Short studies are done for the checking of the use of that drug on the heart condition and results show that this product is not good for the patients of heart-related problems as this product is involved in the increase in the risk of the heart attack, stroke and even death.
  •         The use of this product for a long time and high doses may lead to liver damage. In severe cases leads to the cancer of the liver and sometimes hepatitis.
  •         The above mentions situations sometimes become very serious and even life-threatening.
  •         The use of this drug may lead to the clot formation into the veins o the legs and in some cases into the lungs which could be very fetal.
  •         The more use of this product then the amount prescribed by the doctor may lead to the fatal condition of the body and could have damaging effects for the body.

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