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Contains: Epistane, Coffeine, Taurine

Capsules: 90

Dosage: 1cps x 2-3 per day (4 - 6 weeks)

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To lose weight is the goal of a large number of people. It even appears that there are more than those who wish to gain muscle mass. If your goal is weight loss alone or increase in weight, size and power, CUTTER provide it all with almost no water retention. Your muscles will be full, but still well defined.

Getting lean and muscular physique is a dream of the majority of people involved with working out. If you are reading these lines you’re probably one of them. Prohormones are relatively new, shown powerful effects on muscle growth, increasing testosterone levels, improving strength and also endurance. When combined with Coffein and Taurine, these synergistic components will help you to get what you want – cut body.

Dosage: 1cps x 2-3 per day (4 - 6 weeks)

CUTTER contains:

Epistane: Promotes dry and hard muscle gains and boosts overall strength levels. It helps to get rid of unwanted fat and can help improve general well-being and libido. It has also ability to boost strength gains and take muscle mass up a notch.

Caffeine: Caffeine reduces your desire to eat and also can stimulate thermogenesis – one way your body generates heat and energy from digesting food. It has sport benefits as well: 15 out of 17 studies showed caffeine ingestion yielded significant improvements in exercise performance and 9 out of 11 studies revealed benefits of caffeine use during resistance training.

Taurine: It is a amino acid. Taurine has been shown to have several health benefits, such as a lower risk of disease and improved sports performance. In addition to these performance benefits, it may have benefits for weight loss by increasing the use of fat for fuel. In cyclists, supplementing with 1.66 grams of taurine increased fat burning by 16%

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