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Hexabol 10amp x 1ml 76mg

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Hexabol 10amp x 1ml 76mg

Product: Hexabol
Omega Pharma
Quantity: 1ml 76mg
Pack: 10amp

Steroid cycle: bulking

Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate

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Hexabol 10amp x 1ml 76mg

The active ingredient of the drug trenbolone acetate has a strong anabolic activity. Is complicated in its structure and the unique among others products that have the capacity to build a way useful for the quality of the mass muscle. It helps to build muscle mass, within a short period quickly. It is not converted into estrogen in the body.

It is common among bodybuilders; you will need to train much and follow a high-calorie diet. Before the drug, there is no visible sign of fluid retention in the body, which affects not being toxic to the liver and kidneys and accelerates the burning of fat in the body of the athlete.

The trenbolone acetate course and dose

Trenbolone acetate recommended dose is 37.5 - 75 mg per day. In the week 300 mg. When combined with other drugs, 250 mg per week. The period of action of this drug to 9 days. The duration of trenbolone acetate courses up to 6 weeks.

Use only in the absence of contraindications and individual sensitivity to the drug. Apart from essential of the course is a diet high in proteins and high in content of calories which is not inferior to 2000 kcal. The dose depends on the desired effect, but not you can fold the dose or the concomitant use with other medications without talking to a doctor.

Not recommended for use in women, pregnant women, nursing mothers, as adolescents up to 18 years. To the home of the course, you should consult to a medical to avoid those effects side or allergies not intentional.

Beginners should start with a minimum dose, and three days to see the reaction of the organism. In the absence of side effects, you can stay the course.

Trenbolone acetate views

No problems occur when taking the drug if included in the rate antiestrogens. Based on a review, the drug in a way quickly and efficiently promotes the increase of muscle and strength. Gain muscle mass, most of the athletes are satisfied with the course of taking the drug. However, some were difficult to follow a diet, because that increases the appetite, more. The drug does not cause side effects in compliance with standards. For a reasonable price you can buy trenbolone acetate and achieve the desired results.

The medicine helps to gain muscle mass quickly, increase your prominence. Also, increases the libido and the health sexual of men.

The side effects

Until the drug during a particular course and no overdose, toxic effects on the body will not do it. But if the consumer incorrectly produces reactions such as the content of fat in the skin, hair loss, growth of body hair, loss of hair, yellowing of urine. High blood pressure, acne, rashes all over the body. Masculinization, women breast reduction. Disorders of the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea).

The reduction of breasts in women and its growth in men. Pain to the urination, urine tone Brown, oiliness of the skin. Disorders of sleep, insomnia, aggressiveness.

In moderate doses, there is no toxic effect on the kidneys and liver.

Androgenic effects are rare, the estrogen/progestin often arise.

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