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Follistatin 344 - 1mg - MAGNUS

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Follistatin 344 - 1mg - MAGNUS

Product: Follistatin 344

Manufacturer: Magnus
Quantity: 1mg
Package: 10ml
Steroid cycle: growth
Active principle:
 Follistatin 344

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Follistatin 344 - 1mg - MAGNUS

Today we offer high quality and well-established drug. It belongs to the category of hormones, which are designed to fit the body of mass muscle athletes to improve the basic physical parameters of the body.

It enters the body; follistatin 344 blocks the action of myostatin. It is of vital importance to the presence of the body of the follistatina effect of negative myostatin on muscle tissue, and in the case of an excess of myostatin observed accumulation of reserves of fat, even with a balanced diet and the regeneration of muscle tissue in zhirovuyu. Etim explains their properties good fat burning. Follistatin 344 acting blocker of myostatin, inhibits its activity and therefore do not lose old muscle or under the influence of the burdens of its elasticity and strength. Also, muscle tissue is rejuvenated under the influence of drugs. All this is, undoubtedly, positive aspects, who received the hormone and desired by all bodybuilders.

Hormonal course

Sellers recommend taking Follistatina-344 in the regime: 100 mg per day, subcutaneously, for 10-20 days. It is usually used for a set of lean body mass or drying (rapid growth up to 4 kg for ten days), and this peptide significantly increases the rates of energy. Follistatina-344 is a promising medium of lifting weights that are not detected in the doping control.

In general, when it comes to doping control, this hormone is not included in the category of prohibited substances. This means that you can take even a range of professional athletes and don't worry the next exams before performances and competitions. Perhaps redness at the injection site.

You should also mention the duration of the course. In principle, an amount of time sufficient to achieve such objectives, the athlete, so there is no further need to expand further the moment of the reception of the hormone.

Studies of dose and duration, that confirmed the safety of a course of this type, and this dose has been with this. To increase the dose or the duration of the course, you can show a greater degree of side effects, or the origin and the emergence of other undesirable reactions of the organism to the peptide.


Follistatin is the party of the inhibin – activin – follistatin axis.  Currently, there are three reported isoforms,  they are known to be created by alternative splicing of the primary mRNA transcript. Procine follistatin is thought to be the product of posttranslational modification via truncation of the C- terminal domain from the primary amino – acid chain.

Although FS is ubiquitous its highest concentration has been found to be in the female ovary, followed by the skin.

The activin -  binding protein follistatin is produced by folliculostellate (FS) cells of the anterior pituitary FS cells make numerous contacts with the classical endocrine cells of the anterior pituitary including gonadotrophs. In the tissues activin has a strong role in cellular proliferation, thereby making follistatin the safeguard against uncontrolled cellular proliferation, and also allowing it to function as an instrument of cellular differentiation. Both of these roles are vital in tissues rebuilding and repair and may account for follistatin’s high presence in the skin.

In the blood, activin and follistatin are both known to be involved in the inflammatory response following tissue injury or pathogenic incursion. The source of follistatin in circulating blood plasma has yet to be determined, but due to its autocrine nature speculation suggests the endothelial cells lining all blood vessels, or the macrophages and monocytes also circulating within the whole blood, may be sourced.

Follistatin is involved in the development of the embryo. It has an inhibitory action on bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs). BMPs induce the ectoderm to become epidermal ectoderm. Inhibition of BMPS allows neuroectoderm to arise from ectoderm, a process which eventually forms the neural plate. Other inhibitors involved in this process are noggin and chordin.

Dose hormones

As mentioned above, the average dose of the hormone is about 100 mg per day. This dose is sufficient to attain the objectives set for lean body mass, improve physical performance and endurance.

Safety of the dose has been scientifically proven. Therefore, the excess of such doses is not recommended since it is not yet known how it will affect the function of various organs and systems of the human body.

Reviews hormones

The human body of the peptide is vital! After all, there is no other blocker moisten, not give opportunities to build significant amounts of muscle mass. It is essential not only for bodybuilders but also for the ordinary people away from the sport. Given that the muscle cells under the influence of follistatin not only begin to develop at high speed but also tend to rejuvenate.

Also reached critical for athletes to achieve an increase in the percentage of muscle mass, improve resistance and burn excess fat in the body.

Also, due to the properties of the drug athlete improves appetite, normalize the digestion process and the metabolism in the body, enhances the body's blood pressure.

The side effects

The side effects of the drug, which can occur are redness and pain at the site, which has been injected with the drug, the possible deterioration of the folliculogenesis.

There is a view that the drug increases the heart muscle, in consequence of which they could attack some problems. However, it is scientifically proven that is nothing more than the language of malicious gossip.

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