Trenaplex A100 10ml vial

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Trenaplex A100 10ml vial

Product: Trenaplex A100

Manufacturer: Axio Labs

Quantity: vial 100mg/ml

Pack: 10 ml

Active substance: Trenbolone Acetate

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Trenaplex A100

Among synthetic injectable anabolic steroids – other compounds as testosterone, which is the natural product – is Trenaplex A100, probably the most extraordinary. Of all the synthetic steroids, it is certainly the most noteworthy for mass gains, strength gains and the competition preparation. 

Trenaplex A100 and a suppressed estradiol:

A second reason is that the estradiol levels fall too much if trenbolone is used alone. This is the case because the natural testosterone production is suppressed during the use of trenbolone, which suppresses the natural estradiol in return. And since Trenaplex A100 itself unflavoured (will convert to estrogen), very little substrate for a flavoring is present and estrogen production drops to abnormally low levels. This can cause problems with respect to the joints, mood and libido.

Concomitant use of testosterone, Dianabol or HCG with trenbolone can solve the problem estrogen. Typically, at least 100 mg of testosterone per week or at least 10 to 15 mg per day Dianabol be used for this purpose.


As the active ingredient of the trenaplx A100 is trenbolone acetate. It is the main substance of the trenaplex  A100. Trenbolone acetate is a prodrug of trenbolone. Like other AAS, it is also an agonist of the androgen receptor and so has anabolic and androgenic activity as well as antigonadotropic activity. It carries both anabolic potency and androgenic potency. In addition to its anabolic and androgenic activity, trenbolone is an agonist of the progesterone receptor and in relation to this, has moderate to strong progestogenic activity. Conversely, trenbolone acetate is not a substrate for aromatase and hence lacks estrogenic activity. The compound also has weak glucocorticoid activity.

Similar to many other AAS, trenbolone acetate has the capability to produce insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF – 1).  This naturally produced protein-based hormone affects every cell in the body of an organism and plays a large role in muscle recovery and rejuvenation. It also has the ability to enhance the red blood cell count. With the larger amount of red blood cells, blood oxygenation is increased. This allows for enhanced muscular endurance and therefore promotes a faster rate of recovery.

Trenbolone acetate’s contribution to feeding efficiency, also known as nutrient efficiency is what makes it an attractive AAS used for agricultural purposes. Food is one of the most anabolic substances that any living organism can consume, and therefore with the administration of trenbolone acetate, every nutrient in the body becomes a lot more valuable. This facilitates an organism’s body that is exposed to the ASS to make better use of nutrients already consumed.


Acetate ester of trenbolone acetate allows for slow release post-injection. Ester gives trenbolone active elimination half-life of about 3 days.


The combination of Trenaplex A100 with other agents:

Trenaplex A100 shows an interesting combination behavior in conjunction with other agents. A combination with Dianabol or Anadrol results in a very strong synergistic effect. Even if the same total amount is used to steroids in milligrams per week, the results fall in such a combination, much better than with the use of one of these steroids on its own. The use of 50 mg Trenaplex A100 per day in combination with 50 mg Dianabol per day provides as much better results than either 100 mg Trenaplex A100 or 100 mg Dianabol per day used alone. I would recommend any of these single doses of a steroid cycle, but the Trenaplex A100 / Dianabol Stack has caused amazing changes of body development in very many cases.

In contrast, the combination of behavior Trenaplex A100 coincides with oxandrolone (Anavar), methenolone (Primobolan) or Drostanolon (Masteron) is completely different. When using the same total amount of active ingredient in milligrams, then these combinations show no more effective than the sole use of trenbolone. Even if it is acceptable to combine these ingredients with each other, the purpose for this purpose should not be to achieve an increased overall efficiency. However, such combinations can be useful when it comes to reducing the side effects, or to use the materials that we have at hand.

Typical doses of Trenaplex A100:

Trenaplex A100 is commonly used in dosages of 35 to 150 mg per day and most often in a dosage range of 50 to 100 mg per day. The 35 mg value is only appropriate if you have a high personal sensitivity to trenbolonspezifischen side effects. If the Trenaplex A100 dosage is as low and an effective steroid cycle is desired, another injectable anabolic steroid should be added. Masteron is a good choice for this purpose. Another, quite different choice is testosterone.

As for the higher value of 150 mg per day, this is usually used for the purpose of increased excitation of the nervous system as compared to 100 mg per day, and not for additional gains in muscle size or strength, which maximizes already at 100 mg per day or approximately are maximized. Most users can see 50 to 75 mg Trenaplex A100 per day as the ideal dosage range provides as part of a steroid stacks excellent benefits.

This amounts in milligrams are unusually low for an injectable steroid like Trenaplex A100. Part of the reason for this is that trenbolone (per milligram) is amazingly effective. Another reason is that the acetate ester is unusually light, which means that a high percentage of trenbolone acetate molecule is the active steroid.

Possible side effects of Trenaplex A100:

Up to a certain extent you have to pay for this a price in terms of side effects, but not nearly to the extent that the imagine many. While a few Trenaplex A100 for reasons such as an increased tendency to aggression, night sweats or a reduced aerobic performance view as problematic, see the most about these side effects as minor and easy to handle, or in person for them not to exist.

Blood in the urine – low by Trenaplex A100

increase in aggressiveness – low by Trenaplex A100

acne – low by Trenaplex A100

hair growth – low by Trenaplex A100

hair loss – low by Trenaplex A100

insomnia – low by Trenaplex A100

loss of libido – low by Trenaplex A100

excessive sweating – low by Trenaplex A100

gynaecomastia – low by Trenaplex A100

One should avoid the sole use of Trenaplex A100:

Whether one uses Trenaplex A100, enanthate or Cyclohexylmethylcarbonate (parabolic), it should never be the only steroid a steroid cycle. The mass gains will be severely limited if you only use Trenaplex A100. Instead Trenaplex A100 should be combined with Dianabol, Anadrol or testosterone as the most widespread and very suitable choice.

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