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Testosterone Enanthate 250mg Swiss Remedies

Product: Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/1ml
Manufacturer: Swiss Remedies
Quantity: 250mg/ml
Pack: 10 x 1ml
Active substance: Testosterone Enanthate (Test-E)

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Testosterone Enanthate 250mg Swiss Remedies

Testosterone enanthate is an injectable oil based steroid designed to release testosterone from the injection site slowly. Concentrations in the blood will continue to rise for a few days and then remain elevated for a couple of weeks. It is an esterified variant of testosterone that comes as an injectable compound with a slow-release rate. It is the first injectable ester preparation of testosterone. This slow release is achieved by the presence of the enanthate ester functional group.This is welcomed in the medical world as treatment is obviously more comfortable when less injections are needed, especially when self administration is not practiced. Commonly prescribed for androgen deficiency related conditions.


Testosterone enanthate presents the same properties as its analog testosterone with the advantage that this molecule has a longer release rate and half-life. Administration of this steroid in the body generates an increase in serum testosterone to levels reaching 400% from the baseline within the 24 hours of administration.

Mechanism of action:

To start its activity, testosterone enanthate has to be processed by enzymes in the bloodstream. These enzymes will catalyze the molecule at the ester location of the moiety. The processing time depends on the size of the ester and thus, in testosterone enanthate is registered to present a longer processing time. Once processed in this manner, the testosterone enanthate is metabolized to 17-keto steroids through different pathways in the body.


Test performances of the athletes using the testosterone show the improvement in the muscle size and strength and appearances. There was however the dramatic enhancement of the performance in the competitions. The greatest increase in power has been observed in just a few weeks of the trial. It increases the production of proteins and blocking the effect of cortisol (a stress hormone) in catabolizing muscles.

Testosterone Enanthate Side Effects

As exogenous testosterone is one of the most highly well-tolerated hormones any man can ever supplement with the probability of adverse side-effects is fairly low when use is done in a responsible manner. However, testosterone is so well-tolerated that even in supraphysiological doses it can be used without a negative effect; this is such an important piece of information we must delve into it in its own section later on. Safety and effectiveness of enanthate in pediatric patients less than 18 years old have not been established yet. Improper use in underage may result in the acceleration of bone age and premature closure of epiphyses.

While use can be very safe there are potential side-effects we must be aware of and as Testosterone-Enanthate is simply pure testosterone the potential side-effects will largely be of an estrogenic nature. When testosterone is present in the body it inevitably converts to estrogen via the aromatase process. Through this conversion some of the most commonly well-known anabolic steroid related side-effects can occur including Gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues. While there is no way to predict if you will fall prey it is always important to remember total dosing can play a large role; after all, if there’s more testosterone to convert into estrogen the larger the potential buildup is. For those who are sensitive to such effects anti-estrogen medications can often be their saving grace and there are none better than aromatase inhibitors (AI’s) such as Arimidex and Letrozole. AI’s do exactly what their name implies, inhibit the aromatase process; that is correct, they stop the conversion process but they have also been shown to actually reduce the total amount of estrogen in the body as well. It is true, while the use of an AI will in most cases keep an individual free and clear of such effects in a small minority it will not but in most cases if you examine your diet, ensure it is rich in omega fatty acids, ensure your carbohydrate consumption isn’t above need, ensure dosing is adequate but not too high you will normally be absolutely fine.

While Testosterone-Enanthate is generally well-tolerated there is one side-effect assured to occur in all men and it is that of testicular atrophy; however, as horrific as it might sound we cannot aptly label it an adverse effect. When we supplement with exogenous testosterone or any anabolic androgenic steroid our natural testosterone levels are suppressed, production is reduced and our testicles shrink. No, our testicles do not shrink into thin air, they simply lose some of their fullness but it is only temporary. Once all anabolic steroid use is discontinued and responsible use will include breaks, natural production will begin again and the testicles will return to their normal size. Further, while exogenous hormones are being used and natural production is suppressed, if we are using Testosterone-Enanthate we have no chance in suffering from low level symptoms because we are providing our body and in many cases more testosterone than it already needs for proper health and function. It must be noted, for the TRT patient as he will likely remain on therapy the rest of his life there will be no breaks and testicular atrophy will remain.

Testosterone Enanthate Dosage

It is popular for testosterone enanthate to be injected bi-weekly (twice a week) in order to keep concentrations as stable as possible. Common dose of 500mg enables a user to split 250mg injections on, for example, a Monday and a Thursday, with the common concentration products being 250mg/ml, therefore 1ml injected each time.

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