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Eurolabs Peptides 3698
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Worried about the effects of age! Anabolic Pharma is here to provide you the best anti-aging products.

Most of the times, we struck in choosing the right and most suitable product for us. There are numerous companies in the market using the tags that they are providing the best products which will suit you the best but when you try one of the products of any company, you notice that you do not get the results as mentioned by them. Anabolic Pharma is here to challenge you that you will get the results as mentioned by us. All of our products are made by the specialists and we are quite sure about the quality and results of our products. We are the one providing the largest number of general health and fitness products. You can have a look on a wide range of our items on our online store and can book your order online as well. We are also famous about the fastest delivery services around your locality. Do not get confused in selecting the right company, we can challenge that we have no competitor in market in health products. Be sure about the suitability of any products before using it.

Mechanism of action of epithalamin:

Epithalamin inhibits spontaneous and induced carcinogenesis and is a potent anti-oxidant, decreasing lipid peroxidation and stimulating the activity of CuZn superoxide dismutase. These are the peptide bioregulators, like epitalon, cortexin or thymalin work through the pleiotropic mechanisms, providing support to the diverse areas of day-to-day cellular and tissue-related function in the body. The culmination of these small supportive mechanisms is believed to produce the purported anti-aging effect of peptide bioregulators and, in particular, epitalon. Epitalon has been shown to help regulate endocrine activity in the body of the athletes and other power-seekers, hormones are responsible for many keys signaling circuits between cells which in larger-scale comprise the function of the larger organs. For example, melatonin is a hormone that regulates the circadian rhythm, the body’s internal biological clock. Endogenous melatonin production has been observed to decrease with aging.

Role of epithalamin in the retinitis pigmentosa:

Retinitis pigmentosa is a genetic, degenerative eye disease that results in the degeneration of the rods in the retina. In clinical trials, epitalon improves degenerative damage to the retina caused by this condition in 90% of the patients. It improves the function of the body’s retinal cells by preserving their structure and prevent the degeneration.

Role of epithalamin in increasing the enzymatic activity:

The decrease in the enzyme of the pancreas has been shown in elderly individuals. Epitalon increases the activity of enzymes that digest protein ad sugar, with the effect that it is pronounced in older persons. This effect is also beneficial in athletes and bodybuilders that the digestion is improved and nutrients are fully absorbed in the body and energy is served to the body for the contest and competition.

We can provide you detailed information about our products but here we are going to provide you the information about one of our most famous products named as Epithalon 20mg, it is also known as epitalon and epithalone. This is a synthetic peptide made up by four amino acids and is a synthetic version of polypeptide epithalamin which is naturally found in humans in pineal gland. The main functions of epithalamin are to regulate the gonadotropins and melatonin, to regulate the metabolism, to normalize the function of anterior pituitary, to increase the sensitivity of hypothalamus and to control the hormonal dysfunctions. This is used as an anti-aging product and known for the fast and long lasting results. This is also used to resist against the emotional stress and acts as an anti-oxidant. Eptithalon 20mg is a great invention and is also used for the treatment of neuropathology, liver disorders, psychiatry and geriatrics. Epithalon has the capability to activate the telomerase enzymes in humans which protect the human DNA from damage and cancer.

In most of the patients, early aging effects are caused by the changes in neuroendocrine systems and immune systems. Epithalon is the best in the matter as this product protects the immune system and used as an anti-aging product. This can also be used for the treatment of various infections. Elevated uric acid of human body can also be controlled by the use of this product. This product has almost no side effects as many users of this product never complained about any reaction of it. Most of the patients use it for 14 to 15 days after different time intervals but never face any health issue. All products of Anabolic Pharma are made by natural ingredients and are totally safe to use for various purposes.

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