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Product: TESAMORELIN (TH9507) - 2 MG
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Eurolabs Peptides 3705
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If you are fed up of the bulky and fatty body, Anabolic Pharma has got the best solution for you.

Most of us have dreams to be in shape or to get rid of fats but we do not get the results by using various products. At last, we lose hope that there is no product available to resolve our problem. There are also some products which make you smart but after some period of time, you put on fats again. Anabolic Pharma is here to help you in this matter. We are providing special kinds of products to burn the fats and to reduce the abdominal fats which will result in decreased waist. You will get the results in short period of time by taking our products properly and we assure you that after the use of our product, you will not face the problem of fatty body again. So, do not worry and try one of our products to get rid of this problem forever.

Mechanism of action of tesamorelin:

Tesamorelin is a synthetic hormone, the peptide in nature. It is the analog of the hypothalamic peptide, growth releasing hormone (GHRH) indicated for the reduction of excess abdominal fat. By acting on the pituitary cells in the brain, tesamorelin stimulates the production and release of the endogenous hormone (hGRE) tesamorelin therapy predisposes the patient to glucose intolerance and can also increase the risk of type 2 diabetes.


Tesamorelin stimulates growth hormone secretion, and subsequently increase IGF-I and IGFBP-3 levels in the body. It induces and maintains a reduction of excess abdominal fat in HIV-infected patients with lipodystrophy.

Tesamorelin peptide application:

  •         Tesamorelin used to reduce belly fat in HIV patients, could be the ultimate key for the bodybuilders who have trouble getting ripped abs. tesamorelin reduces visceral fat in HIV-infected patients with abdominal lipo-hypertrophy as well as reducing abdominal fat in all bodybuilders.
  •         Tesamorelin boost cognition in elderly that increase the growth hormone release improved several measures of cognition trials, also reported greater subjective improvement in cognition relative to the placebo group.
  •         Tesamorelin used by bodybuilders take for fat loss, that can help bodybuilders achieve major muscle gains and cut fat quickly and efficiently.
  •         It reduces the triglycerides from the body of the athlete and bodybuilder.
  •         It also reduces the carotid intima-media size (cIMT).
  •         During treatment, insulin-like growth factor 1 was boosted.
  •         However, glucose parameters are not altered in the athlete’s body.
  •         This drug does not trigger the negative effects on the patients and athlete and bodybuilder.

Tesamorelin (TH9507) 2mg is a great peptide to improve the secretion of growth hormones and metabolism of the body. This peptide is used for many purposes but the most basic function of this drug is to increase the growth hormones in the human body and to maintain and increase the metabolism of the body. This is the best product for the transfer of nutrients to the different parts of the body which will help the body to become in good shape and make the body energized and powerful. It is really helpful to reduce the abdominal fats. If your body is poor to distribute the fats to the various parts of the body and fats are accumulated at certain body places then this drug is the best to maintain and reduce the fats. It can also be used for the treatment of HIV. If someone is facing the metabolism disorder, we will suggest that try this drug once to get the best results in this case.

Other than bodily benefits, Tesamorelin is really helpful to improve the brain function of learning and memorizing. This drug has got great capability to improve the memory which will help you to learn and memorize things more efficiently. As this affects the brain, so it can also be used for the treatment of week nervous system. To get the best advantages of this product of Anabolic Pharma, you are advised to take the proper dose. The normal recommended dose is 150mcg to 300mcg 3 times a day and it should be administrated to the abdomen or below the navel or where the most fats are accumulated. This is the best product to get the best body shape and to reduce the abdominal fats. You will be surprised to get the reduced waist in a short period of time. Do not take the dose more than prescription of your doctor or physician. It does not have any side effects but over dose may be a reason of some health issue.

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