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MGF (IGF-1 EC) - 2 MG

Product: MGF (IGF-1 EC) - 2 MG
Quantity: 2 MG

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Mechanism of action of MGF (IGF-1EC):

IGF-1 is the differentiator, it is the process responsible for turning immature stem cells into a defined type of cell. When the stem cell is exposed to the actions of IGF-1, the cell type created in a muscle cell. It is very important to note that each of the processes must take place at the exact time. If one process is begun before the other has finished its work, either the entire process is short-circuited, or partial results are achieved in the body. When a muscle is exposed to stress such as weight training, its first response is to produce localized MGF. MGF is only produced in the muscles, not in the liverlike GH mediated production of IGF-1. Once the PEG-MGF comes in contact with the muscle cell such as during injection, the affected muscle will surely relay the same signal to the adjoining muscle cells. This signal will eventually stop being passed along to adjoining cells. So, it is preferred that the injections are used in the microform.

The unique role of the MGF (IGF-1EC):

  •         It is also a known mechano growth factor (MGF).
  •         What makes it so special and unique Is its role in muscle growth.
  •         It has the ability to cause the wasted muscle to grow and improve by activating muscle stem cells.
  •         It also increases protein synthesis and rapid improvement in the recovery from the trauma.
  •         It can initiate the muscle satellite cell activation in addition to its IGF-1 receptor domain.

MGF (IGF-1EC) 2mg is mainly derived from IGF-1 but this is a different type of product. The absorption of these two is different, the IGF-1 is metabolized in liver but MGF is directly absorbed in the muscles that is why this performs rapidly to gain the muscle mass and to make muscles stronger. This is known as one of the best products which can provide you the rapid increased and strong muscles as it increases production of new cells and increases the cell volume. This is used for regeneration and growth of the production of new blood vessels in muscles and bones. MGF 2mg is considered the best to resolve the hormonal and sexual problems as it increases the sexual activity especially in men. You can use this product to reduce the cholesterol level and to maintain the lipid profile. This is becoming everyone’s dream to get the body in shape, you will be glad to know that MGF 2mg will reduce your body fats rapidly and you will get the desired body shape in a short period.

This drug is can be used by those who have week bones and joints or if they have the problem of pain in joints and bones. To get the fresh, healthy and wrinkle free skin try this drug once and you will get the amazing results. This is an amazing product for the people having weak nervous system. This product has got great effect on brain and it provides power to brain to maintain the nervous system. This drug of Anabolic Pharma does not have any side effects until and unless you take the over dose. The normal dose of this product for normal people having no health issue is 500mcg in a week and this dose should be divided and taken 2 to 3 times in a week. To avoid any health problem, we will suggest you to consult to your doctor first. Different people have different suitability so your doctor knows well that how much dose will be suitable for you.

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