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Product: YK11 (SARM & MYOSTATIN INHIBITOR, YK-11) - 10 MG 100 TAB
Quantity: 10 MG

Pack: 100 TAB

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Anabolic Pharma is offering advanced and new products according to the demands of modern world.

Anabolic Pharma is known for the manufacturing maximum number of medical and general health purpose products and to introduce the new products as well. Our company has got finest team of researchers and inventors. We focus on the new demands and needs of the people of today and provide the safer and better quality products. We are offering not only the fitness products but you will find a large number of products available on our online store for the cure of various dangerous and chronic diseases as well. You just need to use any product of our company to get the best results on most affordable prices in the market. Here we are going to introduce one product of our company which is newly manufactured as per the new demands of modern world.

YK11 (SARM & Myostatin Inhibitor, YK-11) 10mg is very androgenic and anabolic and is available in the packing of 100 tablets per packet. This product is used to bind to the androgen receptor in the muscles and increases the muscle mass dramatically. The use of YK11-10mg inhibits the follistatin which in turn inhibits myostatin. Myostatin is a protein which makes the growth of muscle tissues limited and does not increase the muscles as bulk rather it strengthen the muscles. It is noticeable that SARMs produce not more side effects than testosterone. The SARMs are considered more powerful to increase the muscle mass and to strengthen the muscles as compared to the testosterone. Therefore, this is more liked by the bodybuilders to gain muscle mass rapidly and to make the muscles stronger. This product provides long lasting effects and has almost no side effects and this is a plus point for the weight gainers. It should be noticed that this product should be used for a longer period which is not more than 8 weeks. The long usage of this product will provide you the long lasting results.

YK11-10 mg is also suitable to use for the treatment of weak bones, joints and ligaments as well. It can be used to eradicate the problem of osteoporosis. This product should be used with the consultation of your doctor who will prescribe you the best suitable dose for you. Do not take dose more than prescribed by your doctor. The normal dose for normal people is considered 5mg to 10mg per day divided into two equal doses for men. The normal dose for women is 0.5mg to 2mg per day divided into two equal doses. It is recommended to not to exceed the limit of the dose otherwise you may face some of the side effects of this product. Some of the side effects which may occur because of over dose are like acne, hair loss, shedding, mild reversible liver damage and mild headache. Just relax as these side effects may only occur in case of over dosage otherwise all of the products of Anabolic Pharma are harmless and can be used with confident.

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