IBUTAMOREN MK-677 - 25 MG, 100 TAB


IBUTAMOREN MK-677 - 25 MG, 100 TAB

Product: IBUTAMOREN MK-677 - 25 MG, 100 TAB
Quantity: 25 MG

Pack: 100 TAB

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IBUTAMOREN MK-677 - 25 MG, 100 TAB

  •   Description and Uses

IBUTAMOREN is also known as Ibutamoren mesylate. It is not a selective androgen receptor modulator, rather a growth hormone stimulator or a secretagogue. It has great muscle building properties and has evidently increased lean mass of several overweight men with improved basal metabolic rate. It is well-identified to improve bone mineral content that ultimately advances bone mass and strength thereby preventing osteoporosis. It has a capacity of improving sleep cycle and duration. It increases the memory and cognitive performance as well. It increases muscle strength and exceptional joint lubrication without any severe opposing effects thereby having a positive impact on longevity. MK-677 is a proven medication for fat burning, nitrogen retention and improved immunity.


  •   IBUTAMOREN MK677- Dosage and duration of the course
  •   The standard recommended dose is 25 mg/day and it can be increased to 50 mg if good results are not observed with the previous dosage. This is advised for advanced bodybuilders.
  •   The 25 mg/day dosage is a standard for boosting IGF-1 considerably higher
  •   Right after its oral intake, increase in the growth factor will be manifested within next 24 hours.
  •   It can be used during both bulking and shredding cycles by bodybuilders and athletes.
  •   The recommended duration of the cycle is 12 weeks but its prolonged usage is also witnessed.
  •   It has evidently increased bone density in more than one year of course.
  •   PCT is not required.


  •   IBUTAMOREN MK-677- Mechanism of action

There are several ways to increase the pulsation of natural growth hormone and MK-677 adopts all the processes to increase the release of IGF-1

  •   It stimulates the secretion of Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone by amplifying the basic signaling in the somatotrophs of the anterior pituitary gland. This reduces the release of somatostatin. Finally, Mk-677 Ibutamoren works by inhibiting signaling of the somatostatin receptor
  •   The other mechanism is to bind to the Ghrelin receptor (GHSR) in the brain and promotes the secretion of growth hormone in the brain. Ghrelin is a hormone that controls mood, thoughts and pleasure.

Good aspects of using this drug for the athletes and bodybuilders:

  •   Not only does the human growth hormone plays a role n building muscle, it is also essential for the body’s recovery from the fatigue.
  •   The rejuvenating power of ibutamoren will help a lot when it comes to the total recovery phase. This is useful for building size as well as growth.
  •   It mainly affects the Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Again, that’s why it is considered to be great for recovery.
  •   It introduces a significant increase in overall sleep-wake quality that many of them do not consider.
  •   Since this compound is known to effectively enhance the human growth levels, it might also have a positive effect on skin and hair.
  •   It interacts with the skin cells, which might have a positive impact on the quality of cells.
  •   It is also worth mentioning that many users have experienced accelerated fat loss whilst researching with this compound.

Ibutamoren needs for a longer period of time:

  •   What most people do not realize that ibutamoren is essential to be used for a longer span of time.
  •   You will find that it kicks in quite fast but the real results will start showing after roughly a month.
  •   This is because your HGH levels take a while to increase, you won’t feel the effects right away other than increased appetite and better sleep.
  •   It is a great addition to any SARM stack. So, you should consider using this drug for a good purpose.

IBUTAMOREN MK-677- Drug combinations

Ibutamoren is ideally stacked by body builders with their existing anabolic steroids to get good results during bulking and cutting cycles.


  •   Ibutamoren should be avoided by the cancer patients because IGF-1 works by promoting the cancer growth
  •   It has no significant side effects but risks of heart diseases and high blood pressure has been observed in elderly people supplemented with Ibutamoren.
  •   Increased appetite, numbness and lethargy are the possible side effects of this drug
  •   The duration of the cycle depends on the individual goals.

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