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CJC-1295 - 5 MG - Eurolabs

Product: CJC-1295 - 5 MG
Quantity: 5 MG

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Introduction- Description and Uses

CJC-1295 is also referred as “Drug affinity complex growth releasing factor” abbreviated as DAC-GRF. It is a synthetic derivative of GHRH (Growth hormone releasing hormone) and available in the form of injectable peptide. Its sole objective is to increase the secretion of growth hormone alternate with corresponding pulses of somatostatin leading to the release of growth hormone inhibiting hormone. It basically promotes the release of IGF-1 and aids in fat loss and improved muscle gains. Its first clinical research experiment was piloted in mid-2000s and it became successful in reporting the fact that HGH production increased the rate of lipolysis (lipid breakdown) that resulted in the gut fat loss in obese patients of AIDS.

This analogue of GHRH is popular among body builders and athletes because of its fat burning and muscle strengthening abilities. Its mechanism of action is nearly similar to GHRH but the natural hormone cannot be manufactured into a performance enhancing drug due to its high cost of synthesis and extremely short duration of action. Therefore, CJC-1295 is a modified form having first 29 amino acids of the GHRH supplemented with DAC that has relatively long half-life that helps in maintaining stable blood levels after administration

Mechanism of action of CJC-1295:

CJC-1295 is a tetrasubstituted 30-amino acid peptide hormone that basically functions as a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analog. It has substitutions of D-Ala, Gln, Ala and Leu at positions 2, 8, 15 and 27. GHRH-6 (growth hormone release peptide-6) is a hexapeptide with a 6 amino acid chain. It is one of several synthetic meta-enkephalin analogs that include unnatural D-amino acids that have been developed to release to growth hormone activity and are called growth hormone secretagogue. It has been shown to extend the half-life and bioavailability of growth-hormone-releasing hormone 1-29 and stimulate insulin-like growth factor secretion. It increases the half-life of acting agents by bioconjugation.

CJC-1295-5MG- Dosage and duration of the course

  •   The optimal dosage for CJC-1295 is 1000mcg once or twice a week.
  •   It has a half-life of almost 7-8 days due to which it stays in the blood stream and helps to increase the level of GH in blood plasma 2-10 times within 6th days of injection due to which lean muscle mass is achieved and after 8-9 days a marked increase in IGF-1 is also observed.
  •   The duration of the course is comparatively shorter and can last up to 3-4 weeks.

Advantages of using this drug medically and non-medically:

  •   Once adolescent growth ceases, it is difficult for the body to produce HGH high volumes as it did, making it harder to build lean muscle.
  •   HGH has helped in the development of children who are deficient in the growth hormone, and this sparked a synthetic version to be created.
  •   This drug has helped build muscle mass, decrease body fat, and otherwise benefit adult users.
  •   Some times off-label prescription of this drug, particularly for athletes, the high cost, and difficulty to get a prescription, make it otherwise difficult for adults who have not prescribed the injection, to be supplemented.
  •   Researches have shown that administering drug once weekly helps to increase plasma GH concentration for a period of up to 6 days after injection.
  •   Further, it increases IGF-1 levels by 1.5 to 3 times, for a period of 9 to 11 days, with no adverse effects.
  •   For those athletes, those who are always on the go, or even moms who need a boost of energy.
  •   These drugs can feel like users have found the ‘’fountain of youth’’ and will instantly notice a boost in energy levels.

CJC-1295-5MG- Administration protocols

  •   This injectable peptide is available in the form lyophilized powder and it has to be reconstituted in bacteriostatic (restricted bacterial reproduction) water before administration
  •   The required dosage is drawn out of the vial with the help of an insulin syringe. For example, if dosage in the vial is 2 mg and 2 mL is chosen then the subsequent concentration will be 1000mcg/mL
  •   If 1000mcg dosage is required then volume will be 1 mL and insulin syringe marked with 100 IU should be preferred.
  •   The drug is then administered subcutaneously (deep into the skin layer), intra-muscularly (deep into the muscle) and intravenously (through vein) as per preference of the user.

CJC-1295-5MG- Drug combinations

CJC-1295 modified form is usually stacked with GHRP-6 (growth hormone replacement peptides) for getting better results in terms of lean muscle mass, protein synthesis and loss of fat. If one injection of GHRP-6 is administered at night then it will not cause an increase in cortisol or prolactin.

The dosage for GHRP-6 will be 100 mcg or 50 mcg at a time if consuming hexarelin. Whereas, the dosage of CJC-1295 will be the same as described above. For a prolonged cycle, GHRP-6 can also be concurrently used with HGH (2-3 times daily)

CJC-1295-5MG- Clinical application/Treatment

It was initially used to treat muscle disorders and burn sufferers

CJC-1295-5MG- Side effects

  •   Lethargy, drowsiness and fatigue are the evident side effects
  •   Mild water retention can occur at higher doses. Skipping a dose and less sodium intake will solve this issue.

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