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Product: FOLLISTATIN-344 - 1 MG
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Introduction- Description and Benefits

Follistatin is a secreted glycoprotein initially identified as an activin competitor known for its FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) impeding property in ovarian follicular fluid. In addition to this, it can block the activity of TGF beta ligands including myostatin, GDF-11. Recombinant human follistatin is a protein containing 344 amino acids. Its mechanism of action is to increase muscle growth and mass by blocking myostatin that is concerned with restricting muscle growth.

Why Body builders should go for Follistatin-344?

This drug quickly gained admiration in the field of bodybuilding because of its ability to increase lean tissue mass. Myostatin essentially plays a role in regulating skeletal muscle fibrosis. As high concentration of myostatin is unfavorable for adequate tissue function, it causes diseases in organs and bone marrow. Follistatin helps in revitalizing tissues and aids athletes to get excellent muscle mass without regular exercise and workout. It has a typical anti-ageing property and contributes in muscle growth by hyperplasia and activated hypertrophy.

FOLLISTATIN-344 – Dosage and duration of course

  •   Standard daily dosage is 100-200 mcg
  •   The optimum duration of the course should be 10-20 days. This cycle can work effectively for the next 3 months.
  •   Evidence suggests, the dosage of 100 mcg can increase the muscle mass to about 5 kg for an athlete with body weight of 85kg.
  •   If the dosage is complimented with high caloric diet intake (depending upon the body existing weight) then its effects are more pronounced. For example, increasing calorie intake from 4000 to 6000 per day will make the effects of Follistatin extraordinary.
  •   Some people have experienced 1-2 pounds of lean muscle mass gain as a result of proper dosage of Follistatin
  •   Dosage basically depends on the factors like; body weight, height and genetic elements.
  •   It generally produces quick results and prolonged usage is not required.

FOLLISTATIN-344- Storage protocols

  •   Lyophilized Follistatin remains stable at room temperature for 3 weeks
  •   After reconstitution FST must be stored at 4°C only for a week
  •   For long term storage it is suggested to add a transporter protein (0.1% HSA or BSA).
  •   Kindly prevent freeze-defrost rotations

FOLLISTATIN-344- Administration protocols

  •   Lyophilized powder of follistatin is reconstituted with sterilized and bacteriostatic water or mixed with a suitable diluent.
  •   The desired and optimal dosage is then drawn out of the vial with the help of insulin syringe of 0.5 or 1 mL and it is injected intra-muscularly into the specific muscle site you want to build.

FOLLISTATIN-344- Drug combination

  •   A study found that combination of Follistatin with egg yolk-derived follistatin (MYO-X) led to increased muscle mass.
  •   Recommended dosage for this supplementation is about 10-30 grams per day along with resistance training for 8 weeks.
  •   It can also be stacked with some synthetic peptides such as; Ostarine, Hexarelin, GHRP-6, IGF-DES and IGF-LR3 to have improved effects on muscle enhancement.

FOLLISTATIN-344- Side effects

  •   As Follistin blocks myostatin that has many functions like repairing of tendons and ligaments.
  •   Blockage of myostatin leads to temporary damage to tendons and ligaments
  •   Women should not use Follistatin-344

Effects related to that product:

There are many beneficial effects related to that product but few of them are given below:

  •         Follistatin is the center of attraction for many scientists due to its anti-degenerative properties into the body.
  •         This product does not deed the administration on a daily basis.
  •         Many experiments are conducted for checking the effects related to that product and the results show that this product has not any prominent effect on the liver and organ damage thus we can say that use follistatin is the safest among the other wild anabolic steroids.
  •         The users of this drug feel they got hungrier after starting the use of that product. The users of that product go for gym and do exercise the extra fat of their body gets utilized by this drug at that time the body feels the urge of energy.
  •         If someone uses that supplement at regular intervals if time than the growth of the tendons into the body gets increased which resulted in heart diseases.
  •         In case of the appearance of any side effects if the user leaves the dosage intake then the user will get the entry into the recovery cycle.   
  •         Overdosing could be very dangerous for the user.
  •         After the completion of the cycle, the user must leave the drug by slowly minimizing the number of its intake.
  •         Before starting the intake of that supplement the user must go and consult to the physician about the medical condition related to that your physique.

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