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Stenabolic SR9009 - Magnus

Product: Stenabolic SR9009

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Pack: 100 Caps

Active substance: Stenabolic SR9009

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  •  STENABOLIC SR9009 - Introduction and Uses

SR9009 is a ligand that fundamentally binds to another molecule and enhances its applied effects. It is known as a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM) and well known for its abilities to increase the rate of weight loss and patience.

Stenabolic is particular for the capacity to reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the risk of cardiac diseases. It is basically known as a response initiator of a protein Rev-ErbA. This was initially developed by Professor Thomas Burris during his research on mice and rats. It was found that SR9009 supplementation significantly increased their metabolism rate and strength. It further reduced plasma triglycerides by 12% and glucose level by 19%.

It is widely being used by bodybuilders to increase muscle strength and fat loss without even doing heavy workouts and exercises. It is a perfect supplement during cutting phase. It is known to improve metabolic rate and supports the body to burn calories rather than converting them to fats.

  •   SR9009 (STENABOLIC)- Dosage and course duration
  •   The average standard dosage of Stenabolic is 10-20 mg/day. It can be split into two parts.
  •   Advanced athletes can take 40 mg/day.
  •   The half-life period of Stenabolic is relatively shorter. Therefore, doses should be frequent (after every 4 hours) and evenly spaced for maintaining the steady levels of the active substance in blood.
  •   The duration of the drug should not exceed 3 months
  •   Stenabolic SR9009 is suitable for beginners, intermediate level athlete and experienced or advanced bodybuilders as well.


  •   SR9009 (STENABOLIC)- Drug combinations
  •   Evidence suggests, the combination of stenabolic with cardarine is ideal for greater fat oxidation in the days of exercise or workout.
  •   It is advised to take 10mg of Stenabolic and 20mg of Cardarine with pre-exercise meal. The drug can be continued for 6-8 weeks to observe dynamic results.
  •   Stenabolic can also be combined with Ligandrol and Ostarine to get greater strength and lean mass.

SR9009 (STENABOLIC)- Treatment/Clinical applications

It has been observed that stenabolic can be used for the treatment of various diseases such as;

  •   Obesity
  •   Heart diseases
  •   Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

SR9009 (STENABOLIC)- Side effects

It has no significant side effects and considered as the safest medication. It is not hepatotoxic and does not aromatize and gets transformed into estrogen. It is non-hormonal and does not intrude natural testosterone production. So, no particular post cycle therapy is required.

Human uses related to that product:

This product is available online and most of the companies are selling this product online and this product is selling for the purpose of the research. This product is also famous among the bodybuilders and is used by them for better performance. If someone wants to use that product for the better growth of his body muscles than this product is good in this extant. But there are several issues related to the use of that product which made this drug not suitable for human use.

  •         Firstly, its oral bioavailability is almost zero. The companies selling this product say that this product is good when taking orally but with this route of administration this product does not even enter into the bloodstream.
  •         Now this product is not entering into the body and is just released from the body outside when orally taken
  •         The exposure of that drug which the gut is long which is not good.
  •         This product has a functional group in it due to which this product has many toxic effects.
  •         If you are willing than the intake of that product must be according to the recommendation of the doctor as a higher dosage may lead to the hormonal imbalance into the body.
  •          If the level of dosage is normal then it helps in normal body functioning in a healthy way but if the level increases from the normal level it may lead to conditions like abnormal bone growth etc.

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