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Product: METESTO

Manufacturer: ACDHON CO., LTD

Quantity: 25 mg

Pack: 100 Tablets

Active substance: ANDROGEN

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Introduction- Description and Uses

Metesto is a synthetic testosterone oral steroid with Methyltestosterone as an active ingredient. It is strongly androgenic and slightly anabolic. Testosterone is a naturally occurring male sex hormone that is also produced in small amounts in the ovaries and adrenal glands of women. It can be used for androgen replacement therapy in males like it is a good option for the treatment of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and primary hypogonadism (testicular lapse due to orchiectomy or bilateral torsions. It is also used for the treatment of female diseases like it is considered as a therapeutic agent for skeletal mammary cancer in post-menopausal women.

Why Bodybuilders prefer MATESTO ANDROGEN ACDHON?

It is preferred by body builders and gym enthusiasts as it stimulates muscle mass and helps in improving strength. If facilitates athletes to boost their workout performance by improving stamina and tolerance. It enhances libido levels and promotes energy and motivation of an athlete to help him during workout sessions.

MATESTO ANDROGEN ACDHON- Dosage and duration of the course

  •   Its half-life is shorter and it should be taken frequently in the form of evenly spaced doses throughout the day to maintain the constant blood levels.
  •   The recommended dosage is 25-40 mg/ day. It should be split into various intakes many times a day.
  •   It is generally advisable to take a dose before workout to have an improved exercise performance
  •   The ideal duration of the course is 4-6 weeks. Prolonged usage should be avoided to prevent side effects like hepatotoxicity.
  •   The upper limit of the duration range of the course is 8 weeks
  •   The recommended dosage for females is 5-10 mg per day and should be stacked with estrogenic medications to avoid virilization effects.
  •   The dosage for the treatment of breast carcinoma in women is 50-200 mg.
  •   Research suggests that the initial dosage is high to get increased muscle mass and it begins to taper off in the subsequent weeks.


  •   Matesto can be combined with anti-estrogen supplements such as Nolvadex to combat the possible side effects and transforming into an endurable cycle
  •   The potent anti-aromatase Arimidex can also be stacked with Methyltestosterone as it aids in blockage of conversion of androgens to estrogens.
  •   Post-cycle therapy is required and 1 tablet of Clomid is favorable for the duration of 20 days for the effective recovery of the body


  •   Women having pregnancy and involve in breast-feeding should avoid its use
  •   Men with breast cancers should stay away from methytestosterone
  •   This medication should not be taken by patients having already high risk of prostate tumors and kidney problems
  •   Be sure to monitor your liver enzyme levels constantly while using Matesto
  •   Lipid profile and cholesterol levels should be monitored regularly during its course
  •   Before starting that product go and ask your doctor about the medical status like if you have any type of allergy in the past then told the doctor about that because there is the possibility that it is the component of the drug as the inactive ingredient and cause serious complications into your body.


  •   Testosterone converted into DHT will produce side effects like baldness and acne
  •   Pronounced aromatization effects can be increase in growth of breast tissue and bloating. These negative effects can be easily managed by stacking the medication with a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator).
  •   Women can develop civilization symptoms like deepening of voice and excessive hair growth

Medical uses:

  •         This product is used in the treatment of delayed puberty in males and is also involved in the hypogonadism in patients.
  •         This product is also involved in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in males.
  •         Very low doses of this amount are used to treat the menopausal symptoms.
  •         This is also used in the treatment related to the delayed in puberty.
  •         This product is also involved in the treatment of breast cancer into females. And in the postpartum breast pain.
  •         This product is also used in a very low amount in combination with other products for the treatment of menopause in females.
  •         This product is useful in maintaining the masculinization in young’s and but its effects are less effective than that of the testosterones.
  •         Almost 10-50mg/day is used by the males and as a common medical treatment like late puberty and physique maintenance.
  •         High doses in females are used for the treatment of breast cancer in the case when all the other therapies are failed for its treatment. 
  •         The usage of the drug must be according to the recommendation of the doctor and should not exceed the recommended amount.

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