RIPPED 150 | Mix Steroides Testosterones 10 Ml 150Mg |Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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RIPPED 150 | Mix Steroides Testosterones 10 Ml 150Mg |Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Product: RIPPED 150

Manufacturer: Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Quantity: 50 mg

Pack: 10ml VIAL

Active substance: Mix Steroides Testosterones

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RIPPED 150 / Mix steroids Testosterones 10 ml 150mg / ml Magnus Pharmaceuticals

Introduction- Description and Uses

It is the blend of anabolic steroids and consists of definite amounts of Testosterone propionate (50 mg), Trenbolone acetate (50 mg) and Drostanolon propionate (50 mg). This mix steroid is highly valued among body builders and weightlifters because it is usually believed that trenbolone is 3 times more effective than testosterone and these components have an extra-ordinary effect on lean muscle mass and strengthening properties of the muscles. It is also well-identified as the most versatile cutting mix for body builders.

Testosterone Propionate

It is merely concerned with nitrogen saving and protein synthesis along with the activation of IGF-1. It causes less water retention and increases red blood cell count. Intake of that product stimulates the production of the protein necessary for the male’s sexual balance. As the testosterone and interactive capacity with the aromatase enzyme thus it has estrogenic activity into the body. Thus the long duration for the intake or use of that product may lead to the elevated level of that enzyme into the blood plasma.

Propionate use:

There are two main effects related to the testosterone into the body of humans and other vertebrates:

  1.      Its first effect involves the activation of the androgen receptor by the conversion of the estradiol
  2.      And by the conversion of the few estrogen receptors.

Testosterone present in free form is transported into the plasma of the tissues which required them into the body where this free form of testosterone gets bind with the androgen receptor. At that point, it gets reduced into the DHT by the action of an enzyme named as 5-alpha reductase. The point where that enzyme binds named as hormone element response or HERs. The main effect of that product is on the genes who are responsible for the androgen effects into the body.

The absorption of testosterone from the intramuscular site of administration is very slow. In this state, the presence of a very less ester group leads to the slow absorption of the product. Less absorption of that product required the frequent administration of the product

Trenbolone Acetate

It is a powerful and strong steroid for providing model muscle gain. It plays a great role in fat burning and maximizing red blood cell count. Trenbolone works efficiently by acting as an appetite stimulator. It causes less water retention. This product is of greatly used in the treatment of the anemia in medical practice.

Drostanolone Propionate

It is being sold independently with a brand name of Masteron. It is a potent steroid during cutting and bulking phases and highly in demand by body builders because of its minimal aromatization effects. It has relatively shorter half-life and usually administered right before the body building contest.


This is an ideal medication for athletes and wrestlers because it provides improved muscular strength without causing lack of testosterone.

Fixed and definite amount of testosterone propionate supplementation works well to prevent the body from low testosterone conditions.

This blend is very effective for cutting cycle in body building and often gives excellent results in terms of power capacity and erythrocyte count.

RIPPED 150- Dosage and duration of the course

  •   It is an injectable steroid and easily available in 10 mL vial
  •   The dosage for beginners is 0.5-1 mL/day
  •   The standard average dose for men is 1-2 mL/day
  •   The directed duration of the course is 6-8 weeks

RIPPED 150- Administration protocols

  •   It should be administered frequently because of its shorter half-life. It has quick yet short lived action in the body
  •   Injection should be administered intra-muscularly (depe into the buttock or arm)with the insertion angle of 90 degrees
  •   Alcohol cotton swab should be massaged after administration to prevent the injection site from soreness and infection

RIPPED 150- Side effects

Overdosage can cause effects like;

  •   Oily skin
  •   Acne
  •   Early baldness
  •   Blood coagulation
  •   Increased aggression
  •   Gynecomastia

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