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The syringe consists of the three components which are named as the barrel, plunger, and cylindrical tube. The barrel is tightly fitted into the cylindrical tube. The plunger could be easily pushed in and out of the cylindrical tube. This push or pull of the syringe could be used to push or pull the gas or the liquid into the cylinder or could be moved out. The open end of the syringe is fitted into the needle and the water or liquid which we fill in it comes after passing from the needle. Mostly needles are coated with that of the anti-bacterial components so that any type of infection could be prevented. Syringes are widely used in clinical practices and are of much importance for the injecting purpose of the drugs which are not able to absorb into the bloodstream if their administration route is oral. These injections are used for injecting drugs into the bloodstream or into the skin and muscles etc.


  •         Injections are available in different forms and could be used for the injecting purpose.
  •         They are available in different sizes from micro to 20 or more ml.
  •         The size of the syringe is chosen according to the size of the needle and the requirement like the amount of the drug injected.
  •         If the dose which is administered into the patient’s body is 1.8ml then the doctor will use 2ml syringe, not the 2ml syringe. So, that the pain of frequent needle ricking could be reduced.

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