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NEEDLE 0,7 X 30 MM


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NEEDLE 0, 7 (30) MM


  •         There are many manufacturers for the preparation of different types of needles.
  •         Needle shapes are different for different types depending upon their use as few of them are triangular while the others are reverse cutting needles.
  •         Reverse cutting needles are used for the suturing tough tissues of the body. In some needles, the three edges run throughout the needle and give grip to the user.


This needle is of great importance among the medical uses like:

  •         This type of needle is disposable and cannot be reused again and again after one-time injection of the drug by that needle this is disposed of.
  •         This needle easily enters into the skin easily.
  •         This is synthetic and is manufactured.
  •         This needle is en-coated with the antibacterial and reduces the risk of the infection or reaction by the use of that syringe.
  •         This type of syringe is used by the doctors for injecting the drug into the skin or body.

Mostly the injections needles are en-coated with that of the antibacterial and multifilament absorbable suture. This en-coating helps the reduction of the bacterial infection of the user. The coating on the injection helps in the reduction of the pain and the infection. The use of the syringe helps in injecting the drug which is unable to give its maximum activity if the administration route of that drug id oral or any other. In this perspective, the use of these needles makes the work easy for the doctors and helps in controlling different types of infections.

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