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Manufacture: PHARMAGEN
Quantity: 40mg
Pack: 60 Tabs

Active substance: Testosterone Undecanoate

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Organon 3739
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Undestor testocaps contains the active ingredient known as testosterone undecanoate. It is a potent esterified oral DHT derivative. It is available in both oral and injectable versions. After the administration of that product, its active ingredient is changed into the testosterone into the body by its metabolism. Testosterone is the necessary hormone into the male's body and is involved in many functioning related to that product like that of the growth, secondary characteristics into the males and the sex characteristics all depend upon the normal secretion of the testosterone into the body. If the production of testosterone is not enough into the male’s body then the normal development of that hormone secretion into the body gets effective. A low level of that hormone into the body leads to the lack of the secondary sexual activity of the persons so the deficient person is given that hormone by various means like that supplement. This product is a soft capsule form of orange color.

Undestor Testocaps Organon-Uses


Clinical application in males and females

  •   The primary use of testosterone undecanoate is for the treatment of hypogonadism and systematic cure of impotence and infertility in males.
  •   Undestor testocaps is mainly prescribed for its therapeutic effect against androgen insufficiency and deferred puberty or sexual maturity in men.
  •   There is a wide variety of beneficial applications of testosterone undecanoate for women as well.
  •   It can be used as a gradual mechanism for the treatment of breast and endometrial cancers. Moreover, it is known to act competently to prevent the inflammation and pain in breasts after childbirth in women.


Undestor Testocaps Organon- Application in Bodybuilding


Oral variant of Testosterone undecanoate is extensively popular in the field of athletes and bodybuilders for its exceptional ability to promote androgenic effects such as hard muscle mass and boosted strength. Testosterone is a naturally produced hormone in males and predominantly concerned with the development of sexual characteristics.


This man-made esterified testosterone supplement is responsible for the delivery of;

  •   Protein synthesis
  •   Positive nitrogen equilibrium
  •   Anabolic responses such as mass build up and balanced weight dynamics
  •   Fat burning
  •   Sustained strength
  •   Muscle growth


Undestor Testocaps Organon- When to use

It evidently does not cause water retention due to which it must not be used during bulking phases to get puffy and bloated muscle appearance.

Whereas, Testosterone undecanoate is mostly favored by bodybuilders during pre-competitive/cutting phases to acquire defined and hard muscle look with a manifestation of a well-toned physique as an outcome.


Undestor Testocaps Organon- Dosage and course

  •   An optimal dosage for clinical purpose is 120-160 mg/day for the period of initial 2-3 weeks.
  •   This initial dose pattern must be followed by the constant dosage of 40-100 mg/day.
  •   For physique improvement, the initial recommended dose is 250 mg/day.
  •   Intermediate or advanced level mass builders may take up to 500 mg/day for an efficient and sustained effect.
  •   The ideal cycle length is 8-12 weeks.
  •   Beginners or trainee level athletes must prefer to take 300 mg/day for the period of 8-10 weeks.
  •   Undestor tetsocaps must be administered in the divided dose in a day. Two evenly spaced doses preferably in morning and evening are ideal.
  •   It can be supremely stacked with winstrol and trenbolone.

Undestor Tetsocaps Organon- How to use

  •   As suggested by various studies, testosterone undecanoate is lipophilic in nature due to which it must not be swallowed on an empty stomach. It will prominently slow down its bioavailability.
  •   This should be administered in combination with high fat meal to facilitate its absorption and passage through the lymphatic system.

Undestor Testocaps Organon- Side effects

  •   Generally, Testosterone undecanoate is safe as it does not cause damage to liver and other organs.
  •   However, overdose and mega dosages can cause display of trivial side effects such as diarrhea, nausea and acne vulgaris.
  •   It may cause virilization symptoms in women as well.


The user must start the use of that supplement after the prescription by the doctor some times its use could be injurious for the normal functioning of the body. If you are allergic to any type of thing told your doctor about what may be this product contains the inactive ingredient that you are allergic to.

  •         If the user has breast or the prostate tumor than the user must go and tell the doctor before starting the use of that product.
  •         If the user is pregnant don’t even dare to start to take that drug
  •         Feeding women must not use that because maybe this drug got transferred into the baby body through breast route and cause complications into his body.

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