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Product: VIKING
Manufacture: WARRIOR LABZ
Quantity: 90 CAPSULES

Steroid cycle: Power


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Wariol Labz 3740
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Viking is a powerful muscle hardening supplement manufactured by warrior labz. It is a prohormone composite that is actually composed of the following ingredients;

  •   Epistane   12 mg
  •   Trenavar  30 mg
  •   Halodrol   20 mg
  •   1-Andro    50 mg
  •   Carbopol   25 mg
  •   Milk thistle  100 mg

General features related to that product:

This product is one of the most important formulas which are involved in the increase in the strength of the body muscle mass and the strength of the gym going users. The use of that product ensures the gain in 4-11 kilogram muscles mass gain in the first cycle of its use. The combination of the most effective ingredients gives the thumbs-up sign for the gain in dry muscle mass and prevention from the excessive water retention by the body. This product is ideal for the gain in muscle mass and for the precompetitive dieting. Each component of that product is important in its place and is very useful for the proper building and the maintenance of the body muscle mass so the user should not be worried about the negative side effects related to that product.

  •         Epistane component of that supplement is involved in the reduction of the body excess fat and thus gain of the clean muscles dry mass. This product function is in the reduction of the fat and the increased synthesis of the proteins into the body. This component does not have aromatization into its structure thus it does not cause the retention of the water into the body.
  •         Trenavar basically has an androgenic activity and acts as the prohormone. This component is also involved in the gain of the dry muscle mass and the reduction of the excessive fat from the body. water retention is not the problem by using that component.

Inactive ingredients: gelatin, stearic acid, silicon dioxide.

Warrior Labz: It is a famous pharma company based in the USA. It tends to provide the finest supplements with incredible and exceptional outcomes to the well-regarded athletes.

Ingredients specifications

These constituents necessarily provide a slender body mass without fat and water accumulation. Epistane is well-regarded for its activity to oppose estrogen related effects to deliver lean body mass and ripped muscle tone.

  •   Halodrol is well-suited for the beginner athletes as it enables them to gain reduced fat content and shredded body form.
  •   Trenavar is a potent prohormone tends to provide immense strength and muscle tissue growth with intensified vascularity. If you take this prohormone individually, it may cause some side reactions such as aggression, hypertension and high cholesterol levels. In combination with other constituents in Vikings, it displays an outstanding efficacy without any significant negative outcomes.
  •   I-andro is actually known as 1-androsterone or regarded as a primary metabolite of testosterone. It does not get transformed into estrogen and never becomes a cause for gynecomastia related effects and bloated muscle appearance. It eliminates excess water from the body and helps in retaining mass.
  •   Carbopol is a polymer, actually added into the drug composite as a stabilizer and to condense the mixture.
  •   Milk thistle is mainly a natural additive to help dealing with the properties of other constituents.

Beneficial effects

  •   These ingredients collectively provide you a reasonable weight gain of about 4-8 kg with exceptional strengthening effects. These are combined in definite amounts to produce an effective synergism in the form of hard musculature and ample strength.
  •   Highly defined and refined muscularity can be attained during the pre-contest phases with this prohormone mega blend supplement to get adequate muscle hardness before the competition.
  •   With this prohormone, you can observe astounding effects after the workout in the form of a boosted stamina and swift recovery.
  •   A pronounced drying out effect is achieved with Vikings.


Dosage and course

  •   The recommended dosage of this oral supplement Viking for beginners is 1-2 capsules/day.
  •   The dosage can be increased to 1-3 capsules per day if not enough efficacy is observed with the previous dosing protocol.
  •   For advanced users, 2-4 capsules can be swallowed with meals on a daily basis for maximized performance.
  •   The optimal duration of this drug is 4 weeks.
  •   Never exceed the duration limit beyond 4 weeks as it may cause heartburn or abdominal discomfort.


  •   This medication is not to cure, prevent or treat any of the disease.
  •   Use it according to the prescription or for the purpose of performance and physique enhancement

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