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Manufacture: Warrior Labs
Pack: 90 Caps

Active substance: SR9009, GW 501516

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Wariol Labz 3742
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Stenabol-Warrior Labz

Stenabol is mainly composed of two primary constituents SR9009 and GW 501516. This supplement actively helps in gaining hard and solidified muscularity with refined cuts specifically during the defining periods. Some of the highlighted and significant beneficial effects are;

  •   Fat reduction
  •   Refined muscle tone
  •   No water retention
  •   Muscular hypertrophy and hyperplasia
  •   It fundamentally provides a treatment for blood insufficiency, hereditary angioedema and breast carcinoma
  •   No risk of conversion into estrogen and the consequent gynecomastia or high blood pressure
  •   Improved well-being even with a low calorie diet
  •   Boosts metabolism

Activity related to stenabol:

  •   This product is the prohormone form and is involved in the increase in muscle mass and strength. This product has a methyl group on its structure. Users of anabolic steroids comparatively check the difference between them-sten and m-drol and they found that –sten have a very low level of side effects related to the others. Mostly, methylated prohormones are taken in combination with other non-methylated formulations. This product is not prescribed for the initial users and is used by advanced users. In advanced users, this product helps the gain in high-quality muscle growth and uncontrollable power.
  •   This product has high bioavailability and is highly anabolic in nature and is involved in the increased amount of testosterone into the body. After the administration of that supplement, the user will get the results in a very short time but the use of that product requires the intense care which includes the proper exercise and the intake of the proper food and dosage. The results come in the form of fuller muscle development and the gain of body shape and strength.
  •   This product does not have any type of affinity for progesterone receptors. That is why this product does not transform into the estrogen and that is the main reason that it is involved in the protection against the adverse side effects lie erectile dysfunction and difficulty in passing urine.
  •   The use of this product by the females is highly prohibited because this product is involved in the increase of the testosterone level into the body thus may affect the body normal functioning.

Warrior Labz: It is a famous pharma company based in the USA. It tends to provide the finest supplements with incredible and exceptional outcomes to the well-regarded athletes.


It is actually a selective androgen receptor modulator (SARM). It is quite comparable to the Rev-Erba ligand and intended to offer benefits such as intensified stamina, accentuated fat loss and strength. It dynamically regulates the sleep cycle and helps in the stabilization of glucose and lipid profiles. Sr9009 increases the number of mitochondria and boosts the working capacity.


  •   It ultimately enhances the endurance capacity for the pre-competitive phases.
  •   Rapid fat loss
  •   It protects the body from catabolic pathways
  •   Better recovery from hefty trainings
  •   Lean muscle mass delivery and obesity control
  •   Stupendously versatile as it can be stacked with other SARMs as well
  •   Cardiovascular system maintenance
  •   It helps in increasing the good cholesterol and decreasing the bad cholesterol
  •   Fatty acid oxidation helps in the fat burning

Cordycep extract

  •   It is a mushroom that is actually a potent anti-oxidant with noticeable anti-inflammatory properties.
  •   It relives the pain and helps in counteracting the side effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  •   Reversal of ageing process as it delivers tight and hard skin tone
  •   Increased immune system efficiency and body defense mechanism
  •   Improved libido levels


It has a thermogenic effect and it significantly increases the core body temperature by an enough blood supply to the body and improves the status of workout performance. It has some anti-depressive effects as well.

Celery seed extract

This constituent helps in relieving the joint pain, loss of sleep, inadequate appetite and other digestion related disorders.

Other ingredients:

  •   Guarana seed extract
  •   Coenzyme Q10
  •   Ginkgo biloba
  •   Vitamin D3

Dosage and course

  •   The half-life period of Stenabol is 16-24 hours.
  •   The recommended dosage is 1 capsule thrice or four times a day 30 minutes before any workout. It will facilitate the working capacity and the resulting outcome.
  •   The optimal cycle duration is 4-6 weeks. You can take 4 weeks off after a specified duration and then repeat.
  •   Do not use caffeine and alcohol in combination with this drug.

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