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Product: IBUTA GROWTH MK-667
Manufacture: WARRIOR LABS
Pack: 90 Caps

Active substance: Ibutamoren MK-677

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Wariol Labz 3744
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Ibuta growth MK-677 is a powerful SARM that contains an active constituent known as Ibutamoren Mesylate.

It radically facilitates the production of IGF-1 and growth hormone.

This product is a growth hormone that is orally active and is nonpeptide in nature. Stimulates the release of the growth hormone from the pituitary as well as from the hypothalamic receptors, these receptors are of a different type than that of the growth hormone-releasing hormone. This product is given to the children for 7 to 8 days who have a deficiency of the growth hormone into their bodies. After the administration of that product, this product frequently increases the amount of IGF into the body. This product is involved in the increase in the body muscle mass gain and the increased release of the IGF1 and growth hormones into the body. After the use of that product from7 to15 days the levels of the IGF-1 and the growth hormone increases to a considerable amount.

The increase in the IGF-1 level leads to the increase in the growth hormone into the body which in turn leads to an increased level of growth-related problems. This product in return helps to increase bone growth. The intake of that product must be according to the recommendation of the doctor.

Warrior Labs: It is a famous pharma company based in the USA. It tends to provide the finest supplements with incredible and exceptional outcomes to the well-regarded athletes.

Mechanism of action

  •   Ibutamoren binds to the ghrelin receptors (GHSR)
  •   It stimulates the release of growth hormone
  •   GHSR receptors mainly work to influence the appetite, memory, thinking pattern, biorhythm, and mood.
  •   These GHSR receptors help in the release of growth hormone from the brain


Ibutamoren is highly preferred as it only stimulates the secretion of growth hormone and never interferes with the production of other stress hormones and cortisol levels.

It subjectively protects the body from immune system repression, impaired learning and weakening of other cognitive related functions.

  •   Some significant beneficial effects include;
  •   Lean and slender body mass
  •   Fat reduction
  •   Muscle strength and power
  •   Agility and improved workout pattern
  •   Increased metabolic rate
  •   Ripped physique
  •   Obesity treatment
  •   Protection from muscle weakening and loss
  •   Prevention against bone softening
  •   Upgraded circadian rhythm
  •   Bone density improvement
  •   High bone mineral content
  •   Ageing reversal
  •   Tight skin tone
  •   Promotes longevity
  •   Cell differentiation and tissue recovery
  •   Healing of wounds, burns and inflammation
  •   Treatment of growth hormone insufficiency in children without intruding with the concentrations of prolactin, thyroxine and cortisol.
  •   Remedial effects to bone, tendon and ligament injury
  •   Improved somatotroph signaling
  •   MK677 also helps in the muscle mass development during the bulking cycle without causing excessive water retention. It facilitates a bodybuilder with weightlifting and other hefty workouts as well.
  •   Due to increased fat oxidation, shredded body appearance is achieved with hard and solidified muscle tone.
  •   It improves the quality of hair and skin and helps in lowering the bad cholesterol
  •   No aromatization leading to the conversion into estrogen
  •   Reduced risk to liver and kidney
  •   Increased nitrogen retention
  •   High basal metabolic rate
  •   It dramatically improves REM stage sleep
  •   Better sexual performance
  •   Agility and energy
  •   Cell division leading to hyperplasia and hypertrophy

Dosage and course

  •   The recommended dosage is 10-25 mg/day.
  •   The optimal cycle duration is 6-8 weeks.
  •   The half-life period of Ibutamoren Mesylate is 24 hours.

Side effects:

High dosage may cause numbness, extreme level lethargy and obesity due to augmented appetite. The intake of that product must be according to the recommendation of the doctor as a higher dosage may lead to the hormonal imbalance into the body. If the level of dosage is normal then it helps in normal body functioning in a healthy way but if the level increases from the normal level it may lead to conditions like abnormal bone growth etc.

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