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Product: SUPER PCT
Manufacture: WARRIOR LABS
Pack: 90 Caps

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Wariol Labz 3746
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Super Pct 90 caps by WARRIOR LABS

Description and Uses

Super PCT mainly includes some natural and prohormone active ingredients such as;

  •   Bioperine                 5mg
  •   N-acetyl-L-cysteine 150 mg
  •   Quercetin                 60 mg
  •   Mucuna pruriens     300 mg
  •   Fadogia Agrestis     1200 mg
  •   Bulbine natalensis   700 mg
  •   Horny goat weed     500 mg
  •   Trans-Resveratrol   200 mg
  •   Elimistane               100 mg
  •   Zinc                         35 mg
  •   Vitamin B6               150 mg
  •   Magnesium               450 mg

Other inactive ingredients include;

  •   Gelatin
  •   Silicon dioxide
  •   Titanium dioxide
  •   Magnesium stearate

This super PCT is a magical supplement all set to help bodybuilders in sustaining their muscle gains and strengthening features for a long period of time. Anabolic steroids and some natural testosterone boosters or other supplements help athletes to get hard, rigid, bulky and massive muscle gains with promising consolidation features and power. After the discontinuation of the drug cycle, it is relatively harder to keep those gains and to restore the baseline hormonal conditions of the body. This is usually aided by some of the non-steroidal or steroidal supplements either alone or stacked during the wash-out phase. You don’t have to go for stacking choices during the post cycle therapy and can reap amazing reimbursement benefits.

It sufficiently controls the production of cortisol and reduces the prolactin levels. Moreover, it radically supports the liver and kidney and offers wide-ranging anti-oxidant benefits. Super PCT is responsible for quick restoration of the natural testosterone levels and elimination of estrogen related side effects. It protects the body to eventually get rid of unnecessary effects such as water retention and bulkiness.

All of these ingredients collectively produce a positive impact on the sexual behavior, improved libido levels and sexual urge and treatment of male infertility. Super PCT never disappoints an athlete after his steroid cycle as it can efficiently enhance anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and recovers the body from muscle weakening or any post workout damage. Super PCT can also be used during pre-competitive or dieting phases as well, since it eliminates the estrogenic effects and promotes an ideal well-being. This magnificent supplement helps in maintaining the cortisol balance and in the detoxification mechanism.

Dosage and course

  •   The recommended dosage is 5 capsules twice a day with meals.
  •   It is preferred and advisable not to exceed dosage beyond 10 capsules in a day.
  •   The optimal course duration is 4-5 weeks.
  •   If you want to repeat the cycle, you must take a break of about 3 months before starting a new course.

Side effects

  •   Hypertension
  •   Thyroid disease
  •   Cardiac pressure
  •   Anxiety and psychiatric disorders

How to buy

Anabolic pharma provides a wide range of anabolic-androgenic steroids. You can buy your desired steroid product right here on anabolic pharma by placing your online order to get genuine quality of steroid products even without prescription.

Activity related to that product:

The components of that product are of high quality and have very profound effects on the effective dosage. The main effects related to that product that this helps the user to get the normal homeostasis of the body, blocks the secretion of the bad estrogen into the body, bring the body back to the normal libido levels, also involves into the reduction of the cortisol is involved into the all gains you obtained during intake of that product.

That the main reason that its name is pct as it is involved in the change of the body to the post cycle. That is why the customers always run toward this product.

  •         Fadogia Agrestis Extract: this component involved in the increase in the luteinizing hormone level into the body which leads to the enhancement of the body's sexual behavior. The user male will feel very stronger after the start of using that product.
  •         Bulbine Natalensis: this component is involved in the increase in the libido and the testosterone level into the body.
  •         Horny Goat Weed: This component helps in maintaining erectile dysfunction in the male and helps in the increase in vascularity.
  •         Mucuna Prurines: its function is almost the same as that of the dopamine as this is also involved in the improvement of the mood of the user. Improvement in mood is due to the improvement in the muscles and the strength the user wants.

All the other components are also involved in the improvement of the physiology of the user.

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