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Cipro 500 Antibiotics

Manufacturer: Bio Pharma
Substance: Ciprofloxacin
Strength: Cipro 500 mg 14 Tab

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Cipro 500mg tablet

Cipro 500 or ciprofloxacin tablets are an antibiotic which belongs to fluroquinolone family.

It is used against many bacterial diseases.


Each tablet contains

  •   Ciprofloxacin hydrochloride equivalent too 500g ciprofloxacin
  •   Maize starch.
  •   Microcrystalline cellulose
  •   Sodium starch glycolate.
  •   Anhydrous colloidal silica.
  •   Magnesiium stearate.
  •   Hypromellose.
  •   Macrogol 400.
  •   Titanium dioxide.


It is used against the treatment in

  •   Cystic fibrosis.
  •   Pyelonephritis.
  •   Urinary tract.
  •   Respiratory tract.
  •   Genital tract infections in women and in men.
  •   Stomach and intra-abdominal infections.
  •   Skin and soft tissues, bone and joint problems.
  •   Recurring ear or sinus infection and long lasting.
  •   Anthrax inhalation exposure
  •   May used in the (neutropenia) management of patients with low white blood cell counts, who have fever that is suspected to be due to many infections of bacteria.

While taking this medicine:

This includes;

  •   Muscle and joint pain of the upper and lower limbs
  •   Tendons
  •   Abnormal sensations such as needles and pins
  •   Difficulty in walking
  •   Numbness or burning
  •   Sensory disorders including impairment of vision, smell and taste, and hearing
  •   Depression
  •   Severe sleep disorders

Then tell your physician immediately, if any of the following above occur while using this medicine. Then your doctor will decide that either you should take this or not.

Before taking this cipro 500:

If you have experienced any serious or adverse reaction in the past when taking a fluoroquinolone or quinolone, you should not take quinolone/fluoroquinolone antibacterial medicines, including ciprofloxacin 500 mg tablets. In this situation, you should inform your physician.

Talk to your doctor before taking ciprofloxacin 500mg tablets:

  •   If you have ever had kidney issues.
  •   If you suffer from neurological conditions and epilepsy.
  •   If a person is suffering from tendons problems in the past or during previous treatment with antibiotics such as cipro 500mg tablets.
  •   If a person has diabetic issues because you may experience a risk of hypoglycemia with this cipro.
  •   If you have heart problems.
  •   Suffering from myasthenia gravis which is a type of muscle weakness.
  •   Taking this product may lead to a destruction of red blood cells cause anemia, which is a feeling of weakness.
  •   And in more severe cases a person may have breathlessness and pale skin issues.


  •   There are some limitations or precautions while using this product.
  •   If a person is taking this medicine and feel sudden , severe and hard pain in your abdomen, back or chest, then go immediately to your doctor or go to an emergency room.
  •   Take the recommended amount of this product by your doctor.
  •   Don’t take more dose which is not prescribed by your doctor it may cause serious issues.
  •   Your doctor can recommend or prescribe you another antibiotic in addition to ciprofloxacin, for the treatment of some genital tract infections.
  •   If there is no improvement by using this product in symptoms after 3 days treatment, kindly discuss with your doctor.

Interactions related to that product:

Drug interaction into your body basically decides about the possible side effects related to that product and the drug interaction into your body based upon the physiological conditions of your body. The user must not start that product without consulting the doctor, while consulting doctor the person must explain everything about the medical history and the drug usage in the past are present.

  •         Some blood thinner products are involved into the interaction with that product into your body.
  •         Many drugs except that one are involved into the change into the heart rhythms.
  •         This medication can also affect the removal rate of other drugs from your body which obviously causes the change into their working and also affect the physiology of the body.
  •         The user of that product must avoid the intake of caffeine and chocolates because the use of that product may increase the intensity and the duration of action of that product.
  •         There are a few numbers of antibiotics that are not able to affect the hormonal level of the body but they are involved into the decrease in the normal level of effectiveness related to that product.
  •         The administration of that drug must be according to the recommendation of the doctor, the intake of the dose should not exceed from the prescribed amount by the doctor. And it is necessary to follow all the precautions prescribed by the doctor for the best results and safety from any type of the complications.

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